Foundations of Coaching Success: March 2020

The Coaching Institute had students jumping online from all over Australia, from big cities and tiny country towns, not to mention all over the world from places like California, New York and Dubai. See how we overcame such an unprecedented time affecting our community.

For Najiha Basheer, being part of The Coaching Institute’s first fully online, fully interactive Foundations of Coaching Success training was a life affirming experience. What did she love most? “The open-minded and welcoming atmosphere with no judgements.”

To Grace Rowe, “It’s the best training I’ve received.” Said Yvonne Blomfield, it “exceeded my expectations.”

Najiha, Grace and Yvonne weren’t alone in having a world class experience with The Coaching Institute. Every one of our participants who reviewed their Foundations of Coaching Experience gave us a 5-star rating. Woo-hoo!

Foundations of Coaching Success Online Training

The results for both students and our coaches were amazing, as is the story behind how we pulled together the three-day event during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The pivotal training was locked in months ahead, and was supposed to happen in person at The Coaching Institute headquarters in Melbourne.

When Coronavirus social isolation guidelines changed that, “we had one day to figure it out, two days to execute, one day to test it, and then we were live,” says Elysium ‘Glam’ Nguyen, head of our Dream Team.

For us at The Coaching Institute, “one of the biggest triumphs was how our whole team came together,” says Glam.

“We had two team members who had never edited videos before jump on that. It was the first time the events team had run a virtual event, and they had to figure out the tech. The entire WOW team gave up their weekend to serve their community."

Foundations of Coaching Success Online Training

“Students were really wanting to move forward with their studies and their business, so it was a non-negotiable for us.

“We always knew we’d deliver an epic experience but how that would look, we had no idea,” says Glam.

Far from seeing the sudden switch as a hurdle, TCI embraced the challenge.

“It gave us an opportunity to make it better than it’s ever been before, to bring together all the things that make the live training so successful and combine it with a telecast experience.”

"The other thing is how amazing the students were. At past Foundations of Coaching Success events, we’ve had people walk out as lifelong friends. We’ve had at least two marriages and a baby!

Our question was how do we run it where they’re still open and vulnerable, and have a transformational experience and connect deeply. And we could see that happening from day one.

Everybody felt truly connected. Even though we weren’t physically connected, the room was together."

Foundations of Coaching Success Online Training

Come March 20th, we were ready with a room set up with six computers, two cameras, a stack of behind the scenes staff, and trainer Joe Pane ready to rock.

So, how did we do?

“It was very informative, enthusiastic, inspiring,” says student Libby Hogan.

“When sharing, a culture of openness, trust and no judgement was quickly formed. No mean feat being all online!”


“Very personal, despite the need for separation and technology. Joe was absolutely brilliant”

- Nadia Beauchamp

“The energy was amazing even though completed remotely. Joe and the team were amazing at facilitating the … training course”

- Grace Rowe

“Joe had a wealth of knowledge, a great trainer”

- Libby Hogan

“The virtual learning worked seamlessly! I loved that I was in my home with ready access to all my comfort amenities, anytime”

- Evlin Jankoff