Foundations of Coaching Success: where coaches start their coaching journey

Imagine living a life on your terms, making a difference and creating true, lasting success as a coach, without compromise.


Thank you to all budding coaches who have attended the Foundations of Coaching Success events!

Here’s a testimony of how we showed up, how we rocked and how we played full out at Foundations of Coaching Success with Master Coach Joe Pane.


Imagine living a life on your terms, making a difference and creating true, lasting success as a coach, without compromise.

A massive congratulations and a big thank you to all the epic coaches who said YES to themselves and started their coaching journey with us in 2018!

You experienced your very first coaching session…
You explored the five success principles and incredible coaching models…
You said yes and figured out how…

To each and every one of you who stepped up and made a difference in the lives of others, you rock!

(If you’re reading this, and you’re someone who wants to make a difference In lives of others and to get started as a successful coach, click here to start your journey with Foundations of Coaching Success)


"What a first class training and great inspiration for my journey! And it’s my job to make my reality to equates my own expectation! Joe is wonderful and the Ninja team has helped me lots!"
- Petra (Auckland)  

"I found the training to be well thought out, comprehensive and entertaining. Joe and the Ninjas provide a very safe environment for my thoughts and ideas to be shared. The Ninjas were amazing. Always kind, considerate and available."
- Natalie (Auckland)  

"This is one of the best training events I have done in my 26 years as a professional in health. The other 2 have also been with The Coaching Institute. Fantastic team. So supportive, knowledgeable, kind and totally present. Loved all the information. It is gold. I feel like my soul has been nourished. Totally love the way Joe presents and mixes humour with knowledge and heart. I really appreciated the individual acknowledgment, it made me feel valued and not just a number. I just loved all of it and all the people that shared this amazingly valuable experience. The training exceeded my expectations. Love you guys you’re just bloody amazing xxxx"
- Deb van Dijk (Auckland) 

"I loved the coaching methods. It focuses more about building the client more than the self image. It gives me clear understanding to come from the point of love rather than judgment. There is love and connection with people. I had fun and laughed a lot. I get to experience being a coach and to get out of my mind and to focus on my client. I learned It isn't about me, It's all about the person. Love you all. Thank you."
- Kisanet (Sydney) 

"The Foundations of Coaching Success training in Sydney last weekend was very well planned, organised and delivered. A lot of care was taken to ensure that all logistics were planned and communicated well to all participants. The trainer Joe Pane was exceptionally good and ensured that the 3 day event was full of energy, while the concepts were being explained, demonstrated and experienced by the participants. I would recommend Foundations of Coaching Success training to anyone considering Life Coaching."
- Sumiit Mathur (Sydney) 

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