A Wee Bit of Success

The best bit of all this is that every day I get to wake up and be me.

Jay Worling
Jay WorlingDiploma in Life Coaching

I no longer have to apologise...

for whatever fault may exist in someone else’s mind or my own perceived shortcomings.

I know that my efforts will be rewarded and that I can set my own course. I know now that I am whole and complete and there is so much to learn and f*#@, that is AWESOME!

“I signed up for TCI in April after several long (and wonderful conversations) and a little (too much) deliberation”

Jay Worling
Jay WorlingDiploma in Life Coaching

I was so impressed when I received my starter pack that I wanted to roll in its informationy goodness... Pictures were posted to Facebook and my blog. I then attended my intake weekend with no idea what I was really getting myself into. By the end of day one I had upgraded from a Certificate IV to Diploma.

My first impressions of TCI were really, well I don’t know, I remember being a bit intimidated by the level of enthusiasm and feeling like I had when I had been roped rather unwillingly into Amway years ago. But then what the hell did I know! I had been working in hospitality off and on for twenty years, an industry that is not known for its enthusiastic employees, (unless it’s knock off time and everyone is converging on a poor, unsuspecting, local bar). What I know now is that the enthusiasm is an absolute passion about what they do, supporting people to achieve their dreams.

My headspace at the time, workwise, I was burned out even though I only worked part time. I had given everything I had to people who should have been seeing a therapist instead of me!

I believed and still do, that I was great at my job

The customers were fantastic, my staff and co-workers were wonderful, supportive and caring. However, the people I worked for were a different kettle of fish. I could no longer in good conscience be a middle manager under people who had little or no moral or ethical standards. Let’s just say it is heart breaking to watch people who work hard and give their all, being broken down on a daily basis.

So here I am a newbie coach

I know that I still have a lot to learn and also how fast I want to move forward, making up for lost time. I know that I am at the beginning of a stellar journey and am enjoying every second of it.

So far my most successful marketing strategy has been cold calling and following up on my calls. Two months after my intake, I am now working as a coach alongside a very large gym in my area. My flyers are in all their new membership packs and I am the coach for a 12 week challenge they are running as part of a national campaign. I also have the go ahead to work on some seminars for their members. All because I had the motivation and drive to make a follow up call. My goal is to become affiliated with as many gyms and independent personal trainers in my area as I can.

My advice to other coaches is this, get over yourself!

Do the thing that scares you most first! The people that you are calling for business, or asking for help are just like you (only possibly more boring). Attend networking events, talk to staff in cafes and businesses, and follow up on your calls. You don’t know who you are going to assist next and if you don’t make the effort, people are likely to dismiss you as a fly by nighter.

So as for my future, who said the sky is the limit! I would like to meet them and slap them senseless and offer them coaching to deal with their limiting beliefs. I am looking forward to the day when Sharon Pearson rings to offer me a spot in the office. However I will probably be hanging out with my partner Matt, who has been able to retire early. We will be somewhere awesome that is only accessible by helicopter, drinking wine, remembering when I was stuck as a restaurant manager and being grateful for everything that I have learnt.

“As for the team at TCI, they are f#*@*# awesome! They are so supportive, friendly, knowledgeable, passionate, and happy. I would not have come this far without the outstanding conversations, thoughts, and encouragement from everyone in the TCI team”

Jay Worling
Jay WorlingDiploma in Life Coaching

You guys are the real rock stars!

Jay Worling
Jay WorlingDiploma in Life Coaching

Which course is right for me