I started my TCI journey in mid 2007

...and completed the Diploma, NLP training and Trainers Training by late 2007

 Anne Asha
Anne AshaDiploma of Life Coaching

At this point I was unsure where I wanted to take these new skills; did I want to become a straight life coach?

Or did I want to build these new skills onto my background in corporate marketing and sales? I Chose the latter and started my business “Quantum Point Innovations".

I provide companies with the knowledge and skills they need to create a culture of innovation.

Not only is this a hugely satisfying niche in the coaching market but it is also highly valued proposition; with one Danish manufacturing company who was the first organisation to award me a $40,000 contract. This was my very first contract in corporate level coaching, I just could not believe this!

TCI has by far exceeded my expectations. They asked me the very tough questions when I really needed direction. There is never a day that I'm not using the invaluable skills I learnt at TCI. TCI has become a part of me, or perhaps me apart of TCI.


“I started my Diploma Program only 10 months ago. I set the goal that I would attract multi-national clients and that’s the meetings I’m having – my first client is a multi-national and we have an agreement to supply $40,000 worth of coaching”

Anne Asha
Anne AshaDiploma of Life Coaching

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