Becoming a life coach was a gift to myself

At my Foundations of Coaching Success weekend; which I still feel so deeply about, it changed my life! It put me in the mix, gave me permission and helped me realise you can create your life...

Mary Jensen
Mary JensenAccredited Professional Coach

"I love what I do every day, it's not work when you do what you love"

What was life like before your foundations of coaching success training?

My family life before was not encouraging, not supportive.

Anything that we wanted to do we had to do ourselves.

I moved out of home at 15 and started in accounting. Became a finance manager at 20, then a finance controller by 25.

I worked hard and wanted to make sure I made something for myself and my children.

In this I created a monster; I had ticked all of society’s boxes, 3 children, white picket fence. I had emptied my cup, and although I was doing this for my family, I found I was not with my family.

So how did you come to the realisation that you needed to put yourself onto a ‘To-Do’ list?

I’m not sure it was a realisation, more of an evolutionary journey.

I flicked through Facebook one day and came across The Coaching Institute and thought... Why not, anything that helps with my people skills in business is sure to be good.

I was aware that I was snappy and could use some help in this sector.

So I came along to a one-dayer event and by half way through the day I knew this was it.

Though at this point I thought I was changing my career path – I was going to become a ‘Life Coach’ and help people, help others.

“I think it’s to stop searching for who I am, and start creating who you want to be . . .”

Mary Jensen
Mary JensenAccredited Professional Coach

So at this point, it was still external for you? What you didn’t realise was this was a journey for you?

Completely, it was an incredible gift to myself.

At my Foundations of Coaching Success weekend; which I still feel so deeply about, it changed my life!

It put me in the mix, gave me permission and helped me realise you can create your life.

That was key for me from the weekend, the ability to learn and make choices.

Id love to know, if you can talk to us a little about your success, because I know that you’ve done really well in your business.

I love what I do every day; I have two sides to my business.

The personal development; which is what we are introduced to in Foundations of Coaching Success weekend.

Which is the one-to-one client and I do that to make sure I stay in touch with the little things that count.

Noticing client’s body language and using all of my Coaching skills.

Staying fresh in my knowledge. So I generally have about 10 clients at any time, as well as a waiting list.

My Passion is helping people in a sales program.

My business is an online sales program, which still includes the personal development flavour throughout.

Because people in corporate, sometimes, don’t have the support and knowledge to know how to look inside to make a change.

My sales program talks about all the things you need to learn about sale, because fundamentally sales is a relationship.

And it starts with the relationship with self.

Can you share with us the results you are earning?

Well a bad week is about $8000, my good week is $13000, and I fluctuate between that.

I have a mark and I am chasing to earn $20,000 a week.

Currently I am on track to make $520,000 this financial year.

Congratulations, that is phenomenal. Half a million dollars, where previously you worked as an accountant.

Well it’s not work when you do what you love.


Mary started out early in accounting, worked really hard to climb the corporate ladder. She worked so hard all her life and realized they were only figures. She then decided to become a Life Coach to help others. She started her own coaching business and absolutely loves what she does every day.

Mary Jensen
Mary JensenAccredited Professional Coach

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