I am my own Boss.

Taking responsibility of her life, Olivia Martin now runs a full-time coaching business. She took the plunge to work on her passion and model excellence through her journey.

Olivia Martin
Olivia MartinLife Coach

“I feel immensely empowered that I finally have the freedom and ability to pursue my dream”

Olivia Martin
Olivia Martin Life Coach

Hardly seven months with TCI, Olivia Martin started her own full-time life coaching business. The real passion that drove her to leave her corporate job was the irreplaceable feeling of freedom and flexibility to work on her own schedule along with getting to spend some time with her family.

“I was scared to leave my job but at the same time I felt proud and excited to embark upon my own full-time life coaching business”

Where were you before TCI? How did you get to the stage of running your business?

I went through quite a low point in life, where I felt I had no purpose to live. After reading a lot of self-development books and watching webinars a lot of people asked me that what have I done? They said I was naturally glowing and felt a significant difference in my behavior. My own sorrow helped me empathise and grew the urge to help people through their tough times. Now, I am my own boss working on my own roster.

What attracted you to TCI?

One of my friends joined TCI, after talking to her about it, I was on the phone with the Marvel team and signed up on the spot! Some of the best things about The Coaching Institute were the support, network, the community, and the knowledge I received along the way.

What helped you find your niche?

When I was going through a difficult time in my life, I just needed someone to interrupt my thoughts. I wish I had someone to tell me, "Use what you are going through and turn that into empathy. You will be able to help people. The urge to assist people is the road to excellence."

I realised not stepping into vulnerability was holding me back. I wanted to help people express and embrace their emotions.

My personal experience of stepping into my vulnerability led me to choose my niche; relationship and breakup coaching.

What was it about the course that helped you the most?

I wasn’t very familiar with the concept of life coaching. Hence, it was the reason I used to doubt myself if I could ever be able to guide someone else. The program helped me step into my core and encouraged me to be the best version I could be. I gradually identified my natural ability to coach, after doing the ‘Foundation of Coaching Success’ training. Every piece of information I learned was life-changing. The self-doubt turned into a desire of helping people through their struggles and problems. The program motivated my dream to have my own full-time life coaching business.

The tryouts and interaction with people who had the same thoughts and struggles. Also, the support and encouragement to continue and increase the number of coaching hours helped ease my transition of self-doubt into actual action.

“I stopped caring about what people would think, what I should be doing and simply started doing what I wanted to do”

How did you feel when you had your first paying client?

It definitely changed my perception of coaching. I believed it is a real job.  It made me realise that this is reality and I have achieved my dream. I couldn’t believe it. I waited for the money to be transferred into my bank account to even celebrate. Although I remember running around dancing in my small room. I realised that my dream has finally come true and this is my reality now.

What would you tell people who are inspired by your story?

Your greatest life is on the other side of your fear. Be the boss of your life. Overcome your fears and take the step. You will naturally transform into the best version of yourself. The biggest step is getting across that line and once you do it will all fall into place.

Just do it!

“Success is on the other side of your Fear”

“The Coaching Institute made sure I transformed into the best possible version of myself. They taught me not to be afraid to go after what I want to do and helped me achieve my global dream of being a successful Full-time relationship coach. Success is on the other side of your Fear”

Olivia Martin
Olivia MartinLife Coach

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