How A Self Discovery Journey Led To Coaching

Joshua Solomon had faced a whirlwind of challenges before deciding to make some incredible changes.

He embarked on an inspiring journey of self awareness and discovery, and entered a new fulfilling profession with the help of ICI, all within six month period.

Joshua Solomon
Joshua SolomonProfessional Coach

Josh had spent years bravely navigating life on his own and eventually got to a place where he felt a responsibility to share his profound change and self discovery.

So, through the trainings provided by ICI, Josh learned how to successfully implement structures to assist his journey and now coaches others professionally.

"I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore. I wanted to find some way to give back."

Joshua Solomon
Joshua SolomonProfessional Coach

How has the last six months been for you?

I thought I'd done my discovery and self work before I joined the school! But the knowledge I picked up from day one led to some wonderful, powerful realizations, and then contrasts to my old way of thinking.

You're not completely new to the world of transformation. What challenges did you face that started your self discovery journey?

I had some rough times. I was dealing with some mental health issues and coming home from Afghanistan. I had a marriage breakdown. I felt that I didn't know how to be a parent, and didn't know who I was. So, one day, I made a decision to either check in or check out. I decided to find one reason each day to keep going.

Eventually I got to a point on where I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. I wanted to give back to others so they could experience this transformation as well.

How has ICI been different?

ICI has been great in many ways, but the main thing that's stood out is the clarity I've gained from the structure provided. Many ICI trainings are things I was already tapping into in some way, however the school gave me the structure and overview of how it can help me, and how I can apply it to help others as well.

The online community that comes with this school is also phenomenal. Seeing other peoples stories also brought comfort in knowing I was stepping into a safe environment.

What have you achieved in the last six months that you're proud of?

I started taking paying clients after less than 10 hours of pro bono coaching. I had the support of the school if I needed it, and now I've done 72 hours of coaching for others.

I've generated income, which has enabled me to do things I've always wanted to do like renovate my office space. I'd recommend to everyone just to follow their feelings and step into this if it's calling to them.

There's enjoyment in every step, so bring on the next 10 years!

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