I did my intake in February 2012 in Sydney

I did my intake in February 2012 in Sydney. It was unlike any other training I had ever done before

Malcom Neale
Malcom NealeDiploma of Life Coaching

It was so amazing to walk into that room and meet so many like minded people. I felt like it was where I belonged. The day after my intake weekend I started developing an exit plan from my current business with my fellow shareholders so I could pursue my coaching career. My background was as a CFO, Business Operations Manager and in Human Resources. I had been doing it for 20 years but it was no longer fulfilling as I had a desire to want to help people. I’d done charity work for a number of years and knowing how fulfilling that was I wanted that same sort of feeling of satisfaction of helping people every day, which I knew Coaching would give me.

In May 2012 I began setting up Fuel 4 Business, a business that specialises in Business Coaching, Motivation/Training and Executive Coaching, with a strong focus on working with the people behind the Business to enhance their overall quality of life. After attending TCI’s How to Run a Successful Workshop I began running my own monthly Motivational Business Breakfasts and achieved great sales of my own products which I had developed through my studies at TCI. In June 2013 I committed to being the Major Naming rights Sponsor of the “2013 Fuel 4 Business Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards”. Part of this commitment involved speaking at various events including at the Gala Dinner/Awards night in front of 480 of my peers. I had always been quite a shy person and if someone had told me 12 months ago that I was going to speak in front of that many people there is no way I would have believed them.

“It was so amazing to walk into that room and meet so many like minded people. I felt like it was where I belonged”

Malcom Neale
Malcom NealeDiploma of Life Coaching

Joe Pane and TCI gave me the confidence to believe in myself in all areas of my life. During my speech my Fiancé told me that you could hear a Pin drop in the room. I’d managed to captivate an audience of 480 people which was truly an amazing feeling. During my journey with TCI I have grown so much as a person and become so much happier and fulfilled in my own life. By becoming a better person I also attracted my wonderful partner who I am marrying this weekend 🙂

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Through the wonderful world of NLP I have also assisted so many of my clients to make wonderful transformations in their life. I have become quite good at assisting people who have been sexually abused to gain back control of their lives. This is such an incredible gift to give someone and one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I also recently had the pleasure of having dinner with Hetty Johnston the Founder and CEO of the Bravehearts Charity.

My Business is starting to take off. Most of my clients sign 6 month contracts with me and the results that they are getting both Business wise and in their personal lives are truly rewarding in deed. They are now starting to refer other clients to me and I can feel the future is going to be so amazing. Thank you so much TCI, you have changed my life in so many ways. I now do what I love every day. My Mondays’ are like my old Fridays. In fact I can’t wait to get out of bed every day and enjoy the amazing new life you have helped me create.

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Malcom Neale
Malcom NealeDiploma of Life Coaching