I have the tools to make it work in the real world!

My background is in school chaplaincy. I was exposed to coaching skills through one of my mentors – and I thought to myself, I want to learn this. In fact, I needed to learn it

Jaemin Frazer

Some of my contacts had completed training with TCI and instantly recommended them to me. Following my Foundations of Coaching Success training, I moved into a very open minded space. There was so much possibility. I grew as a person. What I’m capable of now is extraordinary compared to what I was before. I’m hanging out with a higher calibre group of people in this space.

A month after the intake weekend, I quit my job and walked right into employment agency. I created a 6 week program for their long-term unemployed clients on the spot with access to government funding. Neuro Linguistic Programming (now Meta Dynamics) gave me the confidence to train others to do what I do. I’ve created a much more sustainable business model because of this.

“Speaking of my business, I’m now in an awesome partnership. Our coaching niche is employment, but we’re branching out into other areas. We’re building a relationship with the Department of Defence now, coaching soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We’re licensing what we do, as well. We’ve got coaches working for us from Adelaide to Townsville.”

Jaemin Frazer

We’ve now got over 2,000 long term unemployed clients – and that’s only in three years.

For me, great coaching has 2 components: building an ability to get great results for client and building an ability to market what you’ve got. You simply cannot afford to lose focus on either of these. Without the results, you’ve got nothing to bring to the table; without marketing, you can’t serve any clients or bring about those results.

What’s next? We’d love to be coaching in high schools. It’s a much more scalable model for programs. We’ll be building our relationship with the army, and cementing a culture of great results in the Defence Force.

The Coaching Institute gave me the ability to create my own niche. We offer coaches work running our contracts. Foundations of Coaching Success and NLP was mega cool. TCI have really given me the tools to flex our business development muscles. I knew the coaching world was something I needed, but I didn’t really understand much about it. I was – and still am – impressed about how powerful and practical it is. I have tools and strategies to make it work in the real world.

It seemed a lot easier than it was. Sustainability has come from developing my skills set as a coaching. I know how to open doors, and I need to keep learning how to get great results.

Keep growing your ability to be a great coach: always, constantly, and consistently.

Jaemin Frazer

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