I’m Living My Dream Life

Alicia Ann Wade's big news in the year since TCI last caught up with? Her Queensland business Hervey Bay Coaching has grown so much she left her job as a childcare centre manager to coach fulltime.

Alicia Ann Wade
Alicia Ann WadeAccredited Professional Coach

"It's so empowering ... "

For those who haven’t met her before, Alicia Ann’s personal story involves domestic violence, divorce, a mental breakdown, losing 30kgs, falling in love with fitness and making a fresh start: “Without TCI I would have been dead.”

Her days at home have developed a rhythm during coronavirus: she’s up by 5, meditates, walks for two hours while listening to TCI classes, does strength training, then sits down to home school her daughter Milana, 8, before talking to clients.

“One of my top values is variety and adventure and experience and I guess I’m finally living that instead of in four walls.

"It’s so empowering."

“I thought I would be single forever but I’m now allowing for love to come into my life. I haven’t met anyone yet. I’ve had two very interesting partnerships in the last five months, it’s a matter now of being true to my values and boundaries, which is something I cannot thank TCI enough for.”

Alicia Ann Wade
Alicia Ann WadeAccredited Professional Coach

Let's find out where Alicia Ann is at:

Where are you at now with your coaching journey?

I’m in Pro Coach. I have rocketed through it. All in or nothing, I say! I have about 10 clients and with a corporate company I work for, I have 30 women I’m working with this year. I’m nearly tipping at 380 coaching hours.

Biggest milestones in your coaching journey?

I thoughts I was going to be a coach and facilitator for early childhood education, that completely changed to a leadership coach and now I’m going down the track of mindfulness and gratitude and wellness. It’s a huge change. In September last year I was paid $1500 to speak at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre for an hour

Most successful marketing strategy?

Showing up. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. When I went to my FOCS weekend I had a fear of doing a live video …  I made a commitment to myself to do live videos consistently for 30 days. They showed up on a page I created called Keeping It Real AAW which now has over 1300 people on it.

Alicia Ann Wade

What did you love the most about your TCI journey?

Good question. The connections I have with like minded people in the community—they are my private cheer squad. And it’s allowed me to fall back in love with myself even more deeply, I can look in the mirror now and say, ‘You’re hot as, you’ve got a nice ass.’ Now my external world is saying it too. The squats are working!

What challenged you most?

Having people bring you down but just knowing while you’re on your  journey people will do that. I’m not going to say where, not everybody is going to get along with each other.

Alicia Ann Wade Dan Burgess

Advice for other TCI coaches?

There will be setbacks and successes all at the same time. It’s a matter of you giving it your best and being who you need to be. Oh, and trust the process.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to buy a property on Fraser Island and do retreats with women who have survived domestic violence. In four years I want to run again for council. I want to have my own coaching facility in Hervey Bay where people can just rock out together.

What do you know about yourself that you didn’t before TCI?

That there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed about your past story. It really is important to express not supress, because you won’t be alone.

Advice to anyone considering joining the TCI community?

Follow your heart and your gut instinct.

If you want to grow as a human being and discover more about yourself, do it.

“At TCI I had one of the most transformative sessions I've ever had. I was a perfectionist doing self sabotaging, drinking to the point where I would black out. Without TCI, I would have been dead."

Alicia Ann Wade
Alicia Ann WadeAccredited Professional Coach

Alicia Ann, 37, is building a farm with a friend (“it’s like we’re building Disneyland and we’re basically going to grow old there”) and can’t live without Moodle, her daughter and exercising every morning. This year she published a book, Be Outstanding: 5 Simple Steps To Turn Your Life’s Mess Into Success.

Alicia Ann Wade
Alicia Ann WadeAccredited Professional Coach