My knowledge started to grow really quickly

I recognised the value of being coached online with The Coaching Institiute when my relationships with others started to grow and improve.

Leanne Wakeling
Leanne WakelingAccredited Professional Coach

"I have always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole."

After many years associated with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in uniform, as a partner and as a public servant, I wanted to engage with my creative side.

I love supporting others and had previously chaired an organization funding and training ADF spouses returning to the workforce. While looking for options to further this passion, I discovered Coaching as a qualification. If it had been a career option when I was starting work, it would have been my pick from the start. I did my research and found The Coaching Institute (TCI), almost by accident.

“Once TCI joined the mix of schools under consideration, the others really started to pale”

Leanne Wakeling
Leanne WakelingAccredited Professional Coach

They had very traditional education bureaucratic approach, and then there was the vibrancy of TCI

As a logistician, I wasn’t just comparing on price, I was comparing on value for money. Not only did TCI feel nicer, I could already see the value for money in the Accredited Professional Coach program.

I did my Foundations of Coaching Success Training in May 2015. As an Accredited Professional Coach, I had access to everything, and as reading was not my thing, I started watching ALL the online training sessions. My knowledge started to grow really quickly. I also recognised the value of being coached. As the onion started to open the layers, my relationship with others began to improve, then more layers and my relationship with myself began improving. I know there is still far to go and I have come such a long way already.

The support available inside the community at TCI is phenomenal. From Joe Pane, who introduces and educates us on human behavior to Sharon Pearson, whose passion for creating extraordinary and successful humans is outstanding. Sharon has a wonderful and direct approach, which is why TCI has such a high success rate. Making excuses is not an option in her company, if you wish to use excuses, this isn’t the place to be.

Learning to take ourselves lightly is the gift that comes from this attitude.

I am excited to now take these gifts of knowledge out into businesses supporting them to create better workplace culture through improving communications and relationships through my business ‘LG Inspires’, and supporting individuals in transition, particularly those in my military family through Support Force Family with discovering their genius to create direction for their next phase in life.

With much gratitude I thank Sharon Pearson for her vision so long ago.

 Leanne Wakeling
Leanne WakelingAccredited Professional Coach

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