My Line in the Sand has Been Drawn

It’s only taken me 42 years to realise: I'm over it, I'm over mediocrity, I'm over being scared to stand out and I'm over being worried if I'm good enough

Craig NicholasCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

After marrying the girl of my dreams, being blessed with three beautiful kids and purchasing a house I thought I was at the pinnacle. A mundane job that is "safe" and stable. . .  Insurance of course....that just provides for enough to scrape by week to week believing we are "living".... sigh. . . .

If this is living then tell me why I am so dam disappointed, over it, and disillusioned?

I reached this point a little over three months ago. Upon reflection it was clear I had reached Joe Panes fork in the road. To reinforce the fact I was stuck, I applied for jobs that were exactly the same as mine under the false hope that more money would make me happier. I remember walking out of each of the interviews feeling hollow. A feeling as my talents and skills had no tangible value despite my willingness to share. I was at a complete standstill!

“Enough is enough. I deserve more.... I deserve more for ME; I deserve to give myself the opportunity to explore how far I can go using all of my internal resources, critical faculties and deep desire to learn. ”

Craig NicholasCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

The usual university courses didn’t stimulate me, A B Mgmt, Dip Fs and many other certificates are nice, but, I wanted more.

I dove deep into my brain, looking for reference points of success and times where I truly enjoyed what I did and got the recognition. While processing that thought I went to a comment that one of the fathers in my sons soccer team said to me.

"Do you realise that you will forever be Coach Craig to me", And there it was. A comment from someone I hardly knew sent my mind hurtling off. That evening, after putting kids to sleep I hurtled down the path of Internet searches for coaching. Business coaching, life coaching, Executive coaching and all things related.

While exploring how I could put my extensive, yet very boring, 22 years worth of banking & finance experience together with coaching & leveraging my broad networks I sent off for further information.

A steady stream of emails and an interesting questionnaire from Fiona Magnano intrigued me. TCI’s unique approach to education and supportive environment drew me towards it. A few chats with Fiona and I was hooked. I remember thinking I MUST ENROL. All I wanted to do was explore where this course would take me. It resonated deeply with my aspirations to get MORE out of my life and the thought of helping people be the best they can was an exhilarating feeling. The major influencing point for me was the thought of being supported by people who’s ONLY interest was that I success. I have NEVER experienced this before - I have to do this!

Without going into the challenges of how the course fees were raised Fiona’s words “now, wherever there is a WILL there is a way” came to fruition and I was enrolled on the 17th October 2103.

Four days had passed and my days and nights were consumed with reading and listening things on the TCI website. From each moment I spent gathering this material I updated my note book with key learning’s. Learning’s I could implement on a daily basis. After all, if I am fair dinkum about effecting change I need to honour my want to change!

On the 30/10/2014 I received a phone call from Darcy as part of the induction process. We touched on my expectations for the course and how TCI can effectively support me. The most liberating question was what would be different in your life or business as a result of this program? Two things came to me

1) I will be older

2) I am wide open to the range of possibilities that this course will present me with.

Until I wrote those words I hadn’t fully realised the multitude of possibilities that may be available through this course. All of a sudden I felt very small in an expansive and big wide world. . . . It was like I had just walked into Dr Who’s tardis.

A brief conversation around limiting beliefs and the opportunities that are available to me if I follow what people have done before. I asked him one further question – “what I can I do to give myself the best chance of success in the course?”

He responded quickly with

1) Keep showing up - Facebook, webinars, training etc

2) CREW events - Every chance you get

3) Manage your state

4) Lean in - Get involved, Ask Questions

5) Take Action

Wise words indeed. I scribbled those words down in a diary, my TCI inspired bible. That was the 30/10/13. Above those words is

“My line in the sand has been drawn – My future success begins today”

Craig NicholasCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

Since then I have diligently followed the starter kit welcome manual, applied a pragmatic approach toward my learning’s and listened to all the DVDs. The curiosity of exploring my mind fuels my desire to learn more. The expansion within me is changing my external world so why wouldn’t I keep going?

Don’t underestimate the power of seeing clowns! It has leaded me to affirm my life is a circus - So why not party with the clowns and swing on the highwire? Why not see, hear, feel and knowing what my purpose in life is, and cast off my life raft of certainty.

My brain is now so full of validation of my own thoughts and supported by the TCI community. I had to get out there and get coaching. We all know the best way to get coaching is by TOTAL IMMERSION. So set an intention - 50 hours of coaching in 7 days, 7 coaching sessions a day. The session would cover the most useful tool I have used so far – old faithful – THE GROW Model.

No sooner had I Jumped into my first coaching session than my client asked me to come back again, and he wanted to pay me? WOW! You could imagine my amazement? Of course I said yes!  My second client – Loved how we created the magic and we and locked in another session (pro bono) you could imagine my excitement by this stage! I went through the GROW model with each of my first 7 clients (over 2 days) and had secured 2 paying clients and 4 pro bonos.

All this achieved by TAKING ACTION on what is written, said and shared on the TCI website, webinars, DVD, MP3s.

Where am I now? Well intake is due in Feb 14, My current work has distracted me - I have attracted a $29m customer who wants me to prepare a response to their tender before the 20th December to depose the incumbent supplier, I’m working with 2 paying clients and up to my 3rd meeting with each of them, I’m still listening to anything on Moodle for my 1 ½ hour bus trip into town every day and on the way home.

I am certain that I will be running my own coaching practice straight after intake and cannot wait to get stuck into Meta Dynamics & meet the TCI team formally.

I don’t care what anyone says – the only thing stopping you – is you! GET OVER YOURSELF AND ASK FOR MORE!!


#Miranda first spoke with Fiona after researching coaching schools and enrolled 2 weeks after knowing this is the right path for her to make the difference she wants to make... It has been an incredible journey ever since!

#Miranda Roediger
#Miranda RoedigerAccredited Professional Coach

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