One small step every single day will take me to my dream

I was looking for a massive change in my life and I didn’t know what the change was going to be about, not sure if it was about work or about home life

Jessica Strickland
Jessica Strickland

By then I didn’t know what life coaching was and had never heard of The Coaching Institute either. One night, 2am I woke up and googled life coaching, TCI and the free information pack popped into my life, I requested it and here my journey begins in September 2013. I had a month of thinking it through and beautiful phone calls with Fiona and Sam from TCI, by October I had signed up and my Starter Kit arrived in the mail. I still have the box sitting next to my desk. I still have the photos of opening the parcel of change.

My intake weekend was at the end of October 2013. This weekend was a feeling of finally arriving home. From the intake weekend I have found a new family full of people wanting to embrace life to the fullest. What I have learnt on my intake weekend has been part of me in every single day ever since, and not just my life but also my family and friends lives.

Driving home on Sunday night from the intake weekend, I knew everything is possible and I cannot fail. “Floating” into work the next morning, I resigned from the medical company I have worked for the last 12 years. In those twelve years I have been able to work in many different areas, from Practice Manager to setting up 13 brand new Medical Centres all over Australia. Then expecting my first child I concentrated on the software development, UAT and rolling out new software and new procedures, following up with supporting over 80 Medical Centres in three different software systems. As much as I loved the contact with all the different people and the fast pace the changes in the upper level management brought in new managers which did not know who I was and what I am capable of doing, hence me looking for a change in my life. My resignation was knocked back initially and it stretched to January where I realised I love coaching so much more than what my employer was able to understand and able to embrace at that point that with my final hand over I finished my working for my employer early March this year.

“March was also a massive turning point in my coaching success and in my life with completing the Metadynamics I course. Seven days of learning how damn easy I can make my life and how I massive I can allow my clients to change as well. Metadynamics you rock!”

Jessica Strickland
Jessica Strickland

I set my goal to kick start my business starting with the new financial year in July, which also allowed me to have a beautiful break with my family, my husband and my 5 year old son Lachlan and 4 year old daughter Ella. I have Johnnie Cass as my coach and we worked on some of my old issues and one of my tasks was – get a job or volunteer but you need to have some time away from home because I was getting bored.

Also in June was my Advanced Skills course, where I learnt so much about myself and where I need to make changes in my personal life and how to make those changes in my personal life. I left this course with my head held high, fully empowered and again I knew I could not fail, I can have it all.

My expectations of being able to find a volunteer job were far from what I experienced when I started calling some organisations in the area. So I got annoyed and made a decision, screw this I might as well use my time to kick start my business. So probably in the middle of June I told my coach I am going to change gears and start working in and on my business.

Once the decision was made, I spoke to the local healing centre, which offered me to rent a room for workshops and by coincident they were also planning on an open day. The healing centre was looking to expand their business so they were excited to have me at the open day as well.

On the second Saturday in July, I had my stand at the open day, prepared with (too much information) I coached five people, of these five people I have now two pro bono clients. I also placed free introductory coaching sessions to be raffled off on the opening day. I advertised my very first workshop for the Wednesday evening, where I had six attendees. Of these six attendees I have two pro bono clients.

At the same time I received two referrals from my hair dresser (and pro bono client) which got me three more referrals.

At this very moment I have 12 pro bono clients and I calculated, and I now know that with working 3 and a half days per week, I am comfortable with 20 clients. These clients have allowed me to grow very fast in my coaching experience as well as in my confidence that I am able to give value. The feedback I am receiving is overwhelming, something I also needed to learn and grow with.

And here comes the cream, last week I met one of the winners of my raffle ticket, the free introductory coaching session and god bless this lucky winner, she is also my very first paying client. I said yes to myself and she said yes to me. So here I was, sitting in a coffee shop wanting to jump up and celebrate my courage and my first paying client and I managed to say in my calmest voice: “I am so happy you are ready to take the first step to your success.” Her step was my step. Win Win.

So, where am I going from here? I am going to use the same first introductory strategy again and again and again. I will improve it, get better to a point where it is my natural me and then move to businesses where I am able to present at trainings. I have completed my EDISC training last week and I have planted seeds with all my pro bono clients, so there is the next opportunity to convert them into paying clients and convert me to an EDISC expert.

With EDISC on one side I am also a Thought Dynamics member where it is time for me to step up and learn leadership. My Metadynamics II course is coming up in October. And I can see Metadynamics III next year in the pipeline. All my life I have loved giving and teaching people around me – be it when I was in year one at school where I took over teaching kids how to eat with knife and fork and helping their them with their maths. Or when I was 12 years old, on holidays in Florida teaching younger kids how to speak German and how to swim; or when working in the medical field, looking after the newbies how to run a medical centre or training new software. I have always loved giving my knowledge to others. So my secret dream is to become (one of) the best Meta Dynamics Practitioner and facilitators here as well to take this to Germany. So watch this space.

One small step every single day will take me to my dream.

Do you want to know why I believe I can reach my dream? Or why I know I will reach my dream?

First of all because of all of you guys out there – the support I have received from the coaching family and especially from the TCI family has allowed me to grow and believe in myself again.

I know I am not doing this alone, I know I am not doing this just for me. We are all in this together. And I want to thank you all from all my heart for being in my life!

Jessica Strickland
Jessica Strickland