TCI gave me back my self confidence

Annie Toscher has overcome huge hurdles to be a rock star TCI team member and student: "I want to be here forever."

Annie Toscher
Annie ToscherAccredited Professional Coach

Single mother of two Annie Toscher’s real life story sounds like a harrowing movie script: broken family, childhood abuse and neglect, divorce, career loss from traumatic injury.

But all Annie—a Marvels team member at TCI—radiates is a polished, sunshiny confidence when she recounts the “defining” moment at 17 she knew she had to make her own way in life.

It came after years of living “like a slave” with her “very violent” father and stepmother “who wanted me out” and quashed her dreams of being an art teacher.

“I didn’t have that opportunity. Instead, I chose to leave a dysfunctional family,” says Annie, who moved to Sydney and kickstarted her professional life working as an apprentice hairdresser, then in IT.

After working her way up to a senior consultant role with a major company, where she “effortlessly” met her annual quota of $10 million, Annie moved to Melbourne for love and had children Izzy, now 23, and Nathaniel, 21.

Annie Toscher at TCI

But her husband “led a second life” and the “abusive” marriage ended. That was “the catalyst” for Annie becoming a therapist: “I wanted to understand why people do the things they do.”

In 2008, she decided she needed more “in my toolbox” to help clients with anxiety and depression. She found TCI, which was also hiring—and Annie scored the job.

“It was a match made in heaven. I loved it and loved everyone and wanted to be part of all of it so I enrolled in Masters,” says Annie, who had a four-year stint in the sales team.

In November 2014, Annie was admitted to hospital for a day surgery. While she was under general, she fell off the operating table and sustained injuries to her brain, spine, neck and skull.

“I couldn’t speak properly for 18 months, I was told I’d never be able to work again,” says Annie, who endured a long legal battle before settling out of court.

“Six years of my life were wiped out.”

Unable to remember her PIN codes or phone numbers and battling chronic pain and “suicidal thoughts”, Annie knew in 2018 she had to “get back to coaching and reconnect with TCI.”

Annie Toscher at work

“I’d like to stay at TCI forever. One of my challenges with my brain injury was not being able to perform to my full capacity, so I stepped into the shadow of my success which felt demeaning. But I’ve received a lot of love and support here.”

Annie Toscher
Annie ToscherAccredited Professional Coach

She enrolled in Pro Coach and credits Meta Dynamics and TCI’s critical alignment training with curing her short term memory loss.

“The accident changed me,” says Annie, who specialises in emotional intimacy in her own coaching business.

“I know there’s no guarantee of tomorrow, so I’m very present. I’m here to become a better person and to help other people become better.”

As a result of her training at TCI, “I know I can manage my anxiety. For that I am so grateful. I was able to hit my double figures in April, which is huge.

“It’s evidence of how I’m serving these people, how much certainty I bring them.”

Annie Toscher

“I love the whole team and I dearly love JP and SP. Sharon is the most incredible, kind, beautiful human being. They’ve given me back my self confidence and self esteem which was completely wiped out when I first came back. But I was still loved and I love back.”

Annie ToscherAccredited Professional Coach
Annie Toscher Matt Lavars

Where are you at now with your coaching journey?

It’s ongoing. I’m training in Meta Dynamics level three.

What are your biggest milestones in your coaching journey?

Becoming a published author.

What’s been the most successful marketing strategy?

To be part of the Marketing Mastermind. I’ve been able to take key learnings from that and put into my role here.

What did you love the most about your journey with The Coaching Institute?

All the models and how effective they are. And the incredible community, feeling like I belong somewhere with people with really good hearts and selflessness.

What challenged you the most?

Navigating my way through the brain injury. My anxiety levels went to another place so that was a significant challenge. Getting through Meta Dynamics levels 1 and 2, and doing really well.

What advice do you have for other fabulous TCI coaches?

Get out of your head and always reach out for mentoring and support, there is a phenomenal amount of support there,

What have you got planned for the future?

To be still here at TCI. Seriously! I could be running the telecasts, who knows? I could be one of the specialised mentors. I’ll have my online program going on. Maybe run a bootcamp. Coaching is me, absolutely.

What would you say to anyone thinking of taking the step?

Do it. The greatest disservice they could to themselves is they’ll gain deeper connections with themselves and loved ones, increased self awareness, improved self esteem.

Lifelong learner Annie was running a private practice as a therapist when she started working and studying at TCI. She is a quester of authenticity and deeper meaning in life, and “I find a lot of fulfilment in helping other people overcome their limitations and find transformational change. People feel safe with me, they feel that energy, that love of humanity.”

Annie Toscher
Annie ToscherAccredited Professional Coach