Your Coaching Success Summit Australia 2018

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. The tools, models and teachings by Matt Lavars is phenomenal and he is a brilliant coach. My perception of life has changed by simply saying yes and working out how..."
- Torr 

Melbourne,  Sydney & Canberra, Australia
Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra, Australia Event Testimonials

"Impressive..." - Jeanette

"This is perfect! Very impressive, new way of coaching, up to date information and tools to encourage coaches to move forward with their journey. The class was motivating and fun! Thank you and Well done Matt!"
- Jeanette

"Having already completed a coaching certificate I was unsure if I needed more... how wrong was I? Loved it! The energy was intense and staff all so pumped. I didn't have that in my course, seriously now aiming at redoing it with these guys."
- Scully 

"I attended the Your Coaching Success Summit in Canberra. For a free event I have never been given so much help and value and information and support and validation. The culture of The Coaching Institute is beautiful, and what I witnessed in the coaching demo led my Matt who helped another attendee who was there just like me, was like magic, very subtle, human, connected magic. I signed up for Coaching Practitioner because I want this change for myself and to share this magic with people around me and my clients :)"

Haylstorm Fitness
Haylstorm FitnessPast Attendee

"Full of hope and motivation! This weekend created an enabling evironment that turned hopelessness into hope! I could see and feel what empowerment really meant."
- Yem 

"Great energy. I spent the weekend learning about what coaching means and what it offers to people's lives. The staff and the facilitator were amazing, I feel empowered and dedicated to develop myself though TCI. They also provide a successful business model to support their courses. A life opportunity not to be missed."
- Kat and Andy 

"It is nice to click with some of the topics talked and to meet lovely people who wants to put themselves aside to help others. The crew was very polite and Matt was clear and very enjoyable to listen to."
- Luarlin 

"Great experience, very friendly everyone makes you feel special and you have the opportunity to make others feel special too..."
- MJ, Melbourne 

"Great Event! I enjoyed the trainer, staff and attendees. I recommend this as a taster event to anyone wanting more info on the Institute"
- Jeri 

"Matt was great, loved the concept of recipe, that concept has changed my way of learning! I have always had the urge to tweak things here and there and not follow he procedure completely but this following the recipe idea is going to stop that urge for sure."
- Shree 

"I wanted to learn more about coaching and was wondering what the weekend would hold. To say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it mildly. It is a special skill to be able to transfer your knowledge and experience to others and the staff and the facilitator had those skills in abundance and in a style that was effortless. I learnt a lot about myself, the skills that the coaches need and met some inspiring and wonderful people. It was captivating! For the first time in a long time, I'm ready to move forward and embrace the opportunities that are awaiting me."
- Anna 

"Amazing weekend with awsome value and learning within a fabulous community. Matt did a really professional job of teaching and leading and keeping the room fully engaged."

Wendy Ventura
Wendy VenturaPast Attendee

"Grateful it was a free event and we were very well taken care of. Content delivered was exceptional and extremely necessary and relative in today’s world. Matt was unbelievably understanding and knowing of matters of the mind and educated beyond to explain where and when to use such knowledge when coaching. I’m thankful and can’t impress upon you enough the importance of attending future seminars with The Coaching Institute that may lead to joining their coaching classes."
- Tarnz 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. The tools, models and teachings by Matt Lavars is phenomenal and he is a brilliant coach. My perception of life has changed by simply saying yes and working out how. As a student of The Coaching Institute I am not only learning to grow as a coach but learning so much about myself and unraveling so much from within and it is mind blowing. The mindset teachings is unique at TCI."
- Torr 

"I really enjoyed Matt’s coaching session on Saturday and Sunday. I found him to be very engaging, well organised, clear in his information and entertaining. I was lucky to be coached by him in a live demonstration which was really an unbelievable experience. Would highly recommend this experience to anyone."
- Jess Z 

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