Dive in Headfirst: you’re going to LOVE it!

I started my journey already on a personal development route. I emigrated from South Africa, where I was already running personal development workshops

Karen Singery
Karen Singery

My background was in teaching, and I was working in schools as a counsellor.

When I moved to Australia, there was a natural progression to coaching. Emigrating was an incredible journey. I’ve met and connected with so many people – particularly with coaches!

I’ve connected with clients in South Africa, New Zealand, New Mexico City, Guatemala, and Australia. My coaching journey has gone international.

“Since joining The Coaching Institute, I have been able to contribute to a magazine, writing on business and personal development. I have collaborated with a number of different industries, and implemented my coaching skills into many different organisations”

Karen Singery
Karen Singery

Since coaching my first pro bono client, I have cemented many of the skills The Coaching Institute has taught me, and I confidently coach and present workshops. The process of training at TCI has cemented everything I’ve learnt into a set of tools and skills I can serve my clients with.

Easily my most critical marketing strategy has been networking. Having moved to a new country, I have found networking to be a learning curve that I have successfully overcome. I have joined a local networking group, and am now a committee member for them. My advice? Say “Yes,” and then work out the rest later. This strategy has driven me to delivering a successful workshop mid-year, which I am now able to present twice before the end of the year. My background in teaching and my TCI training has made it a breeze!

How to coach & create meaningful change

I’m loving this journey. I have committed to coaching – and I intend to walk my talk. This journey is driven by integrity. The TCI journey is an incredible one, and the team there make it so easy. Through their community, I’ve been a part of peer coaching, where I can practise my skills while also receiving coaching advice myself. This community is a home. Coming from another country, the support has been amazing. I am always surprised by the level of care shown by the TCI team and community.

Dive in headfirst. You’re going to love it!

Karen Singery
Karen Singery

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