My TCI Journey began in July 2012 and right now I’m on the cusp of some very exciting developments

I’m expanding into events with some great strategic partners, exploring a number of different ways of presenting and I’m attracting more paying clients for one on one coaching

Maggie Wood
Maggie WoodDiploma of Life Coaching

"I’d been involved in stand-up comedy for many years"

In 2011 I co- wrote and performed a comedy and music show called Three Stuffed Mums. That led to us being contracted to deliver a comedy course for mums. It was an outstanding success and I found I had more fulfilment in watching our student’s blossom and grow than I had from getting up on stage myself, so I searched for a way to develop that skill and found The Coaching Institute.

“My biggest turning point was completing NLP, HTRSW and Advanced Skills all within a reasonably short time. Together with my nearly a year coaching one to one I now felt fully armed and confident to go to the market with my products. I needed to take the time to become the person I need to be, first and foremost”

Maggie Wood
Maggie WoodDiploma of Life Coaching

How to coach & create meaningful change

I have focused consistently on relationship building and adding value at every point possible, not just networking events, and whether paid or not.

It all comes back to us somehow. This is how I have created my success.

For new budding coaches I can only stress that you, keep the faith, do the hours and the study, build internal motivation and strength to shore up your massive ‘why’ and grab the opportunity to model and learn from Sharon, Joe and Alice. Oh and coach coach coach!

In the future I plan to help women come to know that the period of their lives after the kids have grown up is potentially the most exciting one they’ll have, and to do it by using a mixture of entertainment and personal development.

Maggie Wood - Diploma Student – Full Testimonial

“The richness of the content of The Coaching Institute materials, the comprehensive nature of the materials and the generosity, kindness and encouragement of the entire team has been completely beyond my expectations”

Maggie Wood
Maggie WoodDiploma of Life Coaching

which course is right for me

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