I feel I’ve been reborn in so many ways

When she showed up to a TCI event in New Zealand in December 2019, Ren Saguil was supporting a friend. Nearly a year on, she has a coaching business and big plans.

Ren Saguil
Ren SaguilBusiness coach

When Ren Saguil rocked up to a TCI training event in Auckland, New Zealand, in December 2019, she thought “it wasn’t for me.” She was supporting a friend who was going through a divorce and needed a fresh start.

The friend decided coaching wasn’t for her—but Ren was in, heart and soul, signing up on the spot as a credentialled practitioner. “It was amazing,” she said. “It’s a bit woo woo for some people but I feel I’ve been reborn in so many ways.”

The mother-of-four—who left behind an abusive marriage when she emigrated to NZ from the Philippines with her kids in 2005—had just left a high-powered corporate job. She was looking for her next challenge to fill the void left by her youngest child taking up a tennis scholarship at a US university.

So Ren took up running and coaching, upgrading to Pro Coach when she did her FOCS in January. After that, “I just kind of fell in love with me and I got back to corporate,” she said.

“Now I am working while I am learning and it’s such a playground for me. My personal life just gets better and better, that personal development is just precious—I can’t put it into words.

“My life is complete.”

Expertly juggling her corporate role with TCI and an export business she and husband Xavier set up, Ren still has “challenges” but “I just know how to handle it,” she says.

“At the end of the day I just feel happy and the best part is I make people happy so it boomerangs to me.”

“I have this amazing supportive community within TCI. It have learned not to compare myself and be happy for other people. It's mind-blowing—I am very lucky to be a member of this community."

Ren Saguil
Ren SaguilBusiness coach

Share a bit more about were you where when you joined TCI.

“I was with a friend at the Auckland event and told myself, ‘I am perfect, I don’t need this.’ Obviously every time I have a problem I was a bit up and down … but in my eyes I felt my life is perfect. Then I met Matt Lavars and realised, ‘Oh my God, I actually have so many things to learn.’ It was so enlightening.

I really took up coaching and running—I am already doing a half-marathon in November—because my kids left home and I was a bit sad. One day they said, ‘What are you going to do?’ When I met Matt I realised, ‘I’m going to do this coaching, it’s something I’m doing just for me.' I'm really having fun.

Then you went back to corporate while studying?

After FOCS I was waking up early, running, telling my network I was into this coaching thing. I was offering pro bono to anyone then one of the corporate heads said, ‘Just come back to work, how much do you want?’ I was really hesitant. I had mentoring with Matt and he said, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘I think I want to go back, less stress for me and I can study on the side’  and he said, ‘Work is going to be your playground’ He’s so practical. People dream about having a high value coaching business but there’s such a lot of work.

How has it changed you?

I used to be obsessive, high performing, ‘It has to be like this’, and I think I’ve put a lot of people off. I’ve burned a lot of relationships in my corporate life that I wish I didn’t. Also remember I worked in technology so there’s not a lot of women. From the beginning of my career, I guess, I just have to be like men and I think I lost myself in those years because I had to rely on ambition. I’m still ambitious but I’m happier and am happy to support other people.

What does an average day look like?

I run my coaching business on weekends because I just want to be really good and study and get certified before I launch full-time. The technique I use is just becoming natural. It’s like I’m building a muscle.

Where is your coaching business at?

It’s called Sage Decisions. My husband is French, and sage means wise in French. I have my first paying client—I didn’t plan to do that because I’m just busy but she said, ‘I really want to work with you Ren’ so I signed her up and that was awesome at $3000 for three months, six sessions. I’ve clocked about 85-90 hours pro bono and have changed so many lives.

Ren Saguil family photo

“Having TCI helped when my daughter went back to the US after coming home during COVID. I was freaking out but I was so supported and had free coaching from the coaching community. That was awesome—people were really there to help me."

Ren Saguil
Ren SaguilBusiness coach

How are your relationships different now?

“I raised my kids a single mum for the last number of years … and I wanted everything to be perfect. I gave my all for them and I didn’t realise I was very hard on them. It’s probably only these past few months they are opening up to me, telling me, ‘Mum, you are super tiger’, and I was just thinking, ‘Oh my God. If I didn’t become more vulnerable and curious and ask them, I wouldn’t know’. I just thought we had perfect relationships.

How are you applying your coaching to work?

The people around me … I am actually coaching them but they don’t know it. So I’ll be in the meeting and someone will be all angry and I will ask a simple question like, ‘What’s your why?’ and they do a double take and start focussing on what they wanted to say. I think they feel, ‘She’s listening to me, she’s not fighting, she wants to understand.’

Your best marketing strategy?

I’ve built my website but to be honest I haven’t really done a lot of marketing. I haven’t build my landing page. The biggest marketing channel is organic networking, when people know me. I have 1500 connections I know on LinkedIn and I’m going to focus more on that. I had a defining moment when … I realised I can do my coaching on a global scale.

What was the big milestone with your coaching journey?

My biggest milestone is when I’ve had a chance to dramatically change people’s lives. I’m a young coach, I’ve had to learn how to shut up and ask questions but it’s crazy how many defining moments there have been with clients. And for myself, I am having some challenges the past few months with my husband and I was asking for more, I wanted our relationship to be better. I am lucky he’s an amazing guy.

Advice for other TCI coaches?

I think the first one is ask what is the why and don’t compare themselves to others. Make a conscious decision to show up all the time. You need to do the work.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining?

Just do it. I think a lot of people think and think and think and overthink it. They get overwhelmed. Just do it. Give the gift to yourself.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’ll be having my own coaching practice, it’s kind of an agency, two or three people coaching as well, closing deals for corporate accounts and the do the coaching with me.

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A mother of four “high performing” kids aged 24 to 18 (“our house is so competitive—you cannot play Monopoly in this house without someone crying”), Ren loves life, her husband and reading: “I make the best lasagna and brioche. I love watching tennis and I can run long but not fast."

Ren Saguil
Ren SaguilBusiness coach
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