I’m back to leaping out of bed

My coaching journey with TCI began in March 2007 as a Diploma student

Heiner Karst
Heiner KarstDiploma in Life Coaching

Having left a successful 30+ year global corporate, I had been out on my own contracting in my ex CIO peer space for a few years when I realized that it no longer made me “leap out of bed”.

My interest in a coaching career had been piqued when I worked with a coach to help transition into my own business and thought to myself – that’s what I was born to do… I have and still do keep working with different coaches myself to keep me on top of my game.

I had been reading a personal development book a month for 20 years and chose to write my own IP around a range of “soft skills” that differentiate average from highly successful business players. I have shared insights from my work in a blog each week for the last four years and still do at: www.letstalkcoaching.wordpress.com

It’s been a wonderfully successful journey and now I’m back to “leaping out of bed” to do what I was born to do, every day. So if you want to do something – anything - badly enough, go on: define it and set a goal and go after it. And if you choose TCI to help you along the way, you will have chosen wisely.

Heiner Karst
Heiner KarstDiploma in Life Coaching

I’ve always said one day I’ll write a book.

In 2012 I wrote down as a dated goal to find my editor and publisher and get my first book published. Six months later it was done and Life Learnings of a Life Coach was published. In it I captured the most prevalent insights from all my coaching work. It underpins the work I do as an executive life coach perfectly, where I coach, mentor and groom corporate executives, business owners and professionals to raise their game and be the best they can be.

How to coach & create meaningful change

Heiner Karst
Heiner KarstDiploma in Life Coaching

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