I’m proof you can do what you want to

For the past 13 years, I’ve travelled and lived in North Africa and India. I have always been disappointed with the lack of choices in studying, particularly when I have such a passion for human behaviour

Simone Mitchell-Thompson
Simone Mitchell-Thompson

When I was in India, I was chatting with a friend, and I remember asking “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a career that allowed me to help people achieve their goals and to live a life of purpose and meaning?” I did my research, and discovered The Coaching Institute. Even more exciting, our next assignment was going to be in Australia, so I would get to participate in the face to face training as well as learn and participate through the webinars. We moved, unpacked, sent the kids the school – and then my next job was to enrol. It was that easy.

I work mostly with expats. There’s a certain frustration, for me, when it comes to expats working with big business. There’s so little useful guidance for families that are moving around constantly. I wanted to change that through my coaching.

“I’m currently working with a company to develop awareness around families of expats – we’re working with them to build a more positive working environment. Research shows that when the family is fulfilled, expat employees will be able to work far more efficiently. It’s all mindset strategy – and I’m a mindset strategist. Everything is about choice.”

Simone Mitchell-Thompson
Simone Mitchell-Thompson

In my business, I’m always modelling excellence. Why reinvent the wheel? I help others do the same. I share and contribute wherever I can. It’s about working smarter, not harder! That’s something TCI has really engrained into me. For coaches, it’s about knowing when to ask for help. Cut away your ego - know that somebody else can (and will) help you. This community is incredible. Without them, I’d struggle to be where I am.

The Coaching Institute course was so relevant to the business I wanted to create. I found myself ready to breathe and speak my business – it wasn’t just on paper anymore. The How to Run a Successful Workshop training really took my ability to present to the next level. It was a challenge, but one that I successfully overcame and thrived in. Who knew presenting could be effortless and fun?!

How to coach & create meaningful change

What’s next? Launching my website. Moving back to the UK having built a totally international business. I can serve my clients from across the globe.

I’m proof you can do what you want to, regardless of your background, challenges, experience, as one very successful advert says - ‘just do it!’

Simone Mitchell-Thompson
Simone Mitchell-Thompson

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