Inspired Direction and Business Skills from Incredible Mentors…

After that everything seemed to fall into place in a way I could never have imagined. From the very beginning there really was only one school.

Laura Bird
Laura BirdDiploma of Life Coaching

"The Coaching Institute were genuinely interested in who I was, my goals and had the same high standards I wanted associated with my business now and into the future"

I just dipped my toes in at first, signing up for the Certificate IV and after meeting Sharon and her team at my intake I felt inspired to dive in.  I am now not only a Diploma student, but a Mastermind member and Master Practitioner of NLP. The skills I am learning are making an immediate impact to help my clients, and are giving me the tools to grow what I believed was the best job in the world into something even bigger and better.

I had my doubts about studying while trying to run my busy existing business, especially when I took on Diploma and Mastermind, but it was just what I needed without me even knowing what I needed.

Laura Bird

"Learning from and hanging with the amazing people involved with The Coaching Institute has given me insights into a world that I never knew existed. I now have inspired direction, hard business skills and incredible mentors that are the real deal"

Laura BirdDiploma of Life Coaching

Truth be told, I haven’t even begun to apply a fraction of what I’m learning and I’ve already had fabulous results.

I’ve increased the joy and creativity I have in my work, assisted clients in some earth shattering transformations and in the last month ramped up my income by over $4000. This is just the beginning.

I thought that I was studying life coaching to help my clients achieve their dreams, and as a complete bonus I have learned how to build my own. I am now running workshops to share my unique expertise with clients and other professionals, creating products that are enabling freedom and growth in my business and have exciting vision for the future.

If it was great before, words can’t describe the passion I am experiencing in my work now.

I understand myself, what I truly want and how to get there so much better now and my delighted clients are reaping the rewards.

Thank you Sharon and The Coaching Institute!

Laura Bird
Laura BirdDiploma of Life Coaching

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