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When I started my journey with TCI in February 2013 I was working as a Palliative Care nurse

Belinda Clarke
Belinda ClarkeDynamic Adventure Coaching

I got to see first hand the pain of regret

That experience was my wake up call to live out my dream. I had always known I had wanted to help people with Spirituality/Identity struggles and living a life of adventure, but didn't quite know how exactly to build a career in doing so. With TCI I found the perfect vehicle to do just that!

I had studied two degrees previously and expected a similar strict study schedule doing this course but was pleasantly surprised to find there was flexibility in the study path. I could structure it around my lifestyle instead of the other way around which has been my experience in the past with study. It has meant I have had plenty of time for family and friends (the most important aspects of my life).

“The support of the TCI team has been incredible. They helped me to see that getting out there and just coaching is easier that I first expected”

Belinda Clarke
Belinda Clarke

Within a couple of months I had successfully completed my first workshop and sold product I had created. I now see paying clients and and am part way through writing my first book! Something I have always wanted to do. I now have two brands of coaching and am loving the personal growth journey that I am on thanks to the great course content and support from TCI. Thank you TCI for helping me find a way to give this gift of serving others through coaching!

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Belinda Clarke
Belinda Clarke

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