I Love Being a Life-long Learner at The Coaching Institute

I was looking for a place where I didn't just get to become a life coach after three days in the room, I wanted a life long journey of continual growth and success. I love that I'm able to identify with my values around curiosity and a desire to really make a difference, a significant difference.

Ellenor Cox
Ellenor CoxAccredited Professional Coach

"I remember in the beginning thinking I can't imagine ever even being able to charge 100 dollars and now..."

I don't work for under two hundred dollars an hour. I've hit six figures. I'm gonna be doubling that in the next 12 months.

When my daughter comes home from high school, the slow cooker is on, the washing is on the line. The house is warm in winter. She's doing her homework, but she knows I'm here. I'm there to check where she's at. That has been the most incredible part of the journey. I'm now controlling my destiny and knowing my worth, and seeing that in my clients and what I realized I can give to them.

Learning something, having your training wheels on, not being great at it but trying your best. That's what it's about. It's about trying, and I really believe that I'm the embodiment of just giving it a go, and that is the greatest gift I've had. I love being a life-long learner at The Coaching Institute.

The majority of the course can be done online and from anywhere. The support is phenomenal so I don't see physical distance with where the headquarters are as any sort of reason to doubt taking this journey.

Ellenor Cox
Ellenor CoxAccredited Professional Coach

I'm in the Top program (Professional Coach), I've done all of the courses and still am suprised by the amount of new materials and trainings that are created for us continously, it really fuels my love of being a life-long learner.

It's a journey for yourself. It’s not for anything else, and it is the best place in Australia. Well seriously, the community is amazing and the community is unbelievable, and the campus is down in Melbourne; so even though I'm Sydney based, it was never a challenge.

The majority of the course can be done online and from anywhere. The support is phenomenal so I don't see physical distance with where the headquarters are as any sort of reason to doubt taking this journey.

So I started out by thinking well what's my narrative, where's my journey going that's going to make the most sense. I was within the film media entertainment sector. That's where I basically started to look for my clients.

I did a lot of pro bono work with a lot of emerging people in our sector as a way for me to basically start feeling comfortable about being able to charge because I was seeing value.

I was starting to realize that was how I was going to feel more comfortable about what I charged per hour.

I've spent hardly anything on marketing myself...

I'm starting to see the calibre of my clients and I suppose there's seniority in the business, they started seeing value, and so it was all just staying within the industry. Now most of my non-media sector clients are all through referrals.

I was able to just stay steady. So I don't think I've spent hardly anything on marketing myself because I would just have a lot of free time in my industry.

But I was very clear on where I wanted to serve and I'm still very passionate about the film industry.

"There is no phone call, no questions that won't be answered"

I remember having skepticism of sitting there and reading things like, "Oh if you just do what we tell you to do in the course you'll be able to earn your course fees back before you've finished with us". I remember going "Oh as if that's what happens". But I gave it a shot and followed the system, and I've more then earned back my course fees easily.

Just follow the systems and everything that you get if you were to join with The Coaching Institute. The level of support that's there, and progressiveness is amazing. I'm thinking about where the training has gone in the last five years and continue to love the fact that no one rests on their dreams at The Coaching Institute.

I know because of the lifelong learning, that's been something that I've really really enjoyed. But that sense of inclusiveness, suddenly you are in a tribe where you are supported every step of the way.

There is no phone call, no question that won't be answered. There will be nothing that ever goes by without being followed through completely. And so those standards have, even in the five years that I've been with the college, continue to be refined and grown upon wonderfully.

"Well seriously, the community is amazing and unbelievable "

Ellenor Cox
Ellenor CoxMasters in Coaching