I enrolled as an advanced practitioner student in November 2010 and did my intake in February 2011

I had a pause between enrolling and doing the intake because I had family visiting from the UK over Christmas. TCI were really supportive of this.

Louise Greenstock
Louise GreenstockAccredited Professional Coach

"I’m still very much at the beginning but I’ve come a very long way!"

After the intake weekend in Feb I was buzzing for weeks, actually this was the adrenalin kicking in and it soon wore off and I got into a ‘normal routine’ of working full time in my current non-coaching job, and coaching, studying, reading, networking and so on in my ‘spare time’.  At this point I should mention that I am not permitted to start a coaching business, or any business, until my de facto visa comes through, as I am currently a temporary resident.  This has been a huge factor in how my journey has taken shape.

I’m now certain that I am a coach.  I’ve done 50 pro bono hours and one workshop.

“I’m seeing my clients get results and I’m feeling confident that my skills and the techniques I am using are giving my clients what they want.  I also know that I could always do better and reach that next level of excellence, as Sharon says!”

Louise Greenstock
Louise GreenstockCredentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

I’ve got big things planned for the future!

I know in my heart and soul that coaching is my future and it is the only career and lifestyle that I will accept.  It will be a dream to register my business name and coach for income and I plan to get better every day and constantly seek out innovative coaching methods and broaden my knowledge and skills.  It is incredibly important to me to make a lasting contribution so I have lots of philanthropic ideas too.  I love knowing my life is in my own hands.

Something TCI has impressed me with above and beyond my expecations is the support of my student liaison coach. Every time I speak to Kate I feel that I am the only student she is working with.  Kate remembers every detail of my personal story and has phoned me to check in after every big milestone that I have reached.  I feel that Kate and I have a genuine relationship of trust and this is extremely important to me in keeping me on track through my ups and downs in this journey.  I'm very grateful for this support.

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Louise Greenstock
Louise GreenstockCredentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

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