I reached out to the community I just got the greatest support…

Yeah listen to your instincts and you know trust your feeling and trust your judgment. And if you're unsure. Reach out and ask the questions that you need for yourself.

Yeah you know it's a big thing for some people and it was a big thing for me and I found that when I reached out to the community I just got the greatest support and it just gave me the confidence to take that step.

Andrew Rooke
Andrew RookeProfessional Coach

"That when I reached out to the community I just got the greatest support and it just gave me the confidence to take that step"

I've just been on this two year sort of journey of self experimentation and finding out about myself and what works for my house and garden and gathering a whole lot of knowledge about that. And you know the passage has grown and grown and so I've started my own health coaching business now. And you know that's going great. I got a number of clients on the books and that's where I'm headed and that's where my passion lies.

And it gives me so much energy doing that stuff and I can see the difference between where I am now and where I was nine months ago and as a transition for me I'm also doing some business coaching and the way that I thought about that was that I really want to get good at being a coach and learning the skill of being a coach and earning what I'm being taught in the global quest program.

#“I was looking for my place in the world and where I could really contribute my best to others but found that all of these occupations touched on an area of my interests and developed my abilities and knowledge to a point but didn’t go any further than that . . .”

Professional Coach
Professional CoachAccredited Professional Coach

"It's business, personal life or health and there's a lot of unifying things here self-awareness..."

I've been applying that in the domain that I had the knowledge and ready the business side. And then also into this new domain in health. And I'm finding it's a great synergy. And the coaching techniques that we're learning absolutely transferable into multiple domains. It doesn't matter or it's business personal life or health and there's a lot of unifying things here self-awareness. You know how to be with other people how to be with yourself. And yet I'm taking that into the house market only

I can just reflect on that for a moment it was just one of the hardest decisions that I had to make.

Now there are already five months in I feel it's probably one of the best decisions of my life. Wow.

I've got so much confidence... Five months on and I was really quite scared of the transition...

and how I'd actually manage that. And yeah one of the things that I've found in these five months is that certainly on this global quest I've had access to all of the tools that I could ever hope for him to give me the confidence to launch my own business you know to fend for myself.

Yeah to do sales to do marketing you know to actually execute and give clients value. And these are things that when you're in a corporate environment you know I thought I knew what sales and marketing was.

But it's totally different between yourself and title and add in the real world and the support that I've received the community that we have here. It's just phenomenal. It's wonderful. And now I'm rocking I'm doing really well at the moment so congratulations.

"I love to coaching and teaching people..."

So I was a long time in the corporate space. Yeah. In fact 20 years my life. I had really good success in the corporate world. Climbed the ladder. You know I'm a typical sort of type A alpha male.

Yeah I always thought that you know my life and my identity would be tied up in progression in that corporate arena and did really well and got to a point where that was no longer fulfilling for me.

I love to coach and teach people and it just really hit me that that was a calling for me. And so I started looking into the options to do that.

Andrew Rooke
Andrew RookeProfessional Coach


Andrew Rooke was in the corporate world for 20 years and was feeling unfulfilled. After realizing he's wanted to do coaching since he was a kid, he has joined TCI through The Global Quest Program and is now living his ultimate dream and now owns his own business with coaching...

Andrew Rooke
Andrew RookeAccredited Professional Coach