Ten Minutes With … TCI’s Captain Marvel Bianca Bennett

The clue is in the name ... our own Captain Marvel is marvellous at pretty much anything, from competitive salsa dancing to making memorable phone calls and welcoming hundreds of students to the TCI community.

Even before she started working at TCI in 2017, Bianca Bennett was inspired by founder Sharon Pearson. “I attended Ultimate Wealth,” she says, “and Sharon said something that stuck with me: ‘It’s okay if you don’t want to have a business and can find a company that matches your own life mission and values’.”

These days, Bianca—who moved her life from Sydney when she was offered a role as a Marvel—is such a good match for TCI that she’s the leader of her team and has welcomed around 300 students to the community.

Oh, and she’s also having the first double TCI baby! Glitter cannon, people! Bianca and her partner, the school’s head trainer Matt Lavars, are expecting a son next April (see the emotional gender reveal here.) “It’s very exciting. She’s going to be an amazing mum,” says Matt.

That stands to reason. Captain Marvel for a year now, “I’m naturally good at what I do and am someone people can trust to support others to say yes to this incredibly important journey to being their best self,” says Bianca, 30.

Despite being sideswiped by morning sickness early in her pregnancy, Bianca is still captaining the Marvels ship, and on a normal day has five “deep solid connections” with people thinking of joining TCI, plus about 20 phone calls.

“I’m the first point of contact with TCI and I have become quite close to a lot of students,” she says. “We share our dreams and challenges. It’s so precious to be able to do that.”

Here, Bianca shares her tips to making a great phone call, reveals her superpower and her dream alternative career.

Bianca Bennett Matt Lavars

What is Captain Marvel’s superpower?

My ability to connect with people. I’ve always known how to make people feel like they matter. that they belong. I can create that experience for them when they decide they want to change their life.

Biggest challenge in your role?

It would have to be moments where I get in my own way and, being a human, have doubts around my capabilities.

How can anyone nail a phone call?

Be warm, always be kind, and take the time to listen. Never make assumptions.

Which quality is behind your success?

My ability to love and not have the desire to change people but an inner one to see them as they are and love them for where they’re at.

What makes you cross?

When people don’t appreciate there is effort behind making a connection so they take it for granted. People who treat others with disrespect, and when people are unkind. Hurt people hurt people.

Career highlight?

To have found a community, a tribe, an organisation that loves me for all I am and believes in me in moments where I forget to believe in myself.

Bianca Bennett TCI team

Pathway to Purpose

Your passions outside work?

I love creativity, being with my partner, doing things that bring me joy. I love dancing—I look like a Filipina but I dance like a Colombian! I did a lot of clubbing in my day and salsa dance competitions and samba performances. I love singing, I’ve been doing that since I was one.

Secret talent?

My ability to connect with any human being in the world. I am the ultimate connector.

How do you make great connections?

I assume in my mind that everyone is my friend and there is nothing I need to hide or prove. When I assume rapport it immediately breaks the ice somehow and it’s like I have known them my whole life.

If you weren’t Captain Marvel you would be …

Someone who sings on stages in front of thousands of people and has a full live orchestra or band behind me.

What do you wish you were better at?

I’m pretty awesome at everything. Maybe humility?

How does your next five years look?

Creating the most beautiful, self-aware, self-expansive, extraordinary family and demonstrating to mothers and fathers that whilst we have children we still deserve the freedom and flexibility and abundance that this beautiful world has to offer. I am going to be a living demonstration of that.

Describe yourself in one short sentence:

Bad ass boss bitch diva.

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