Turning Pain into Power, Shalini’s Coaching Journey of Resilience

Shalini's journey began six years ago when she found herself at a low point, battling anxiety and depression.

Meet Shalini, a remarkable success story who found her calling and made a profound impact as a coach through The International Coaching Institute (ICI). Shalini's journey began six years ago when she found herself at a low point, battling anxiety and depression. Seeking healing and growth, she assembled a team that included a coach from ICI, which sparked her transformative path.

As fate would have it, Shalini's manager was also an ICI coach, cementing her connection with the life coaching school. Recognizing the power of coaching in her personal journey, she decided to embrace coaching as her pathway. Earlier this year, Shalini joined ICI as a student, following in the footsteps of those who had guided her to healing and self-discovery.

Shalini's journey at ICI was invigorating. She overcame her initial hesitations and embraced the mantra "feel the fear and do it anyway," challenging her comfort zone and igniting a transformative mindset shift.

Her transition to coaching was both a personal and professional evolution. Shalini's journey started with a powerful insight – realizing that her healing journey had equipped her to guide others who were stuck, just as she once was. Drawing from her experience, she launched her coaching practice, ready to make a difference in the lives of those seeking growth and change.

Shalini's coaching business thrived as she passionately served her clients. She recognized the value of creating a safe space for clients to express themselves openly and without judgment. This simple act of listening, coupled with the tools she acquired from ICI, formed the cornerstone of her coaching approach.

Her first paying client came from her existing network, propelled by a heartfelt post reflecting on her coaching journey. Transitioning from pro-bono to paid sessions was a transformative process, shifting Shalini's perspective on the value and the impact she could make. Shalini strategically packaged her services, recognizing the power of upfront investment to motivate clients toward lasting change.

With determination and dedication, Shalini achieved remarkable results in a short span. With a thriving coaching practice and a roster of paying clients, she is well on her way to realizing her dream of coaching full-time within 18 months. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of coaching, personal growth, and embracing one's true calling.

For Shalini, coaching isn't just a profession; it's a way of life. Guided by a strong sense of service, she discovered that meaningful work doesn't feel like work at all. She embraced the freedom of creating her own schedule and marvelled at the idea that her passion could lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Shalini's story embodies the values of ICI – a place where personal transformation becomes a catalyst for profound change in the lives of others. As she continues her journey, she is living proof that following your calling, embracing growth, and fostering meaningful connections can create a life of purpose, impact, and fulfillment.