Here to serve and part of a bigger picture

After studying radiation therapy and working in hospitals treating cancer while simultaneously managing 100 persons fitness challenges I realised that lack of health didn’t lie in just in the physical conditioning of the body or treatment of illness, the real action happened in the patterns of peoples minds

Amber Hawken
Amber HawkenCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

So after about 18 months of running the rat race of government health care and fitness innovation as a personal trainer and group PT management, I decided I could do more by helping people understand how they thought, learnt and created habits.

I decided to do a NLP course as well as a Diploma of Life Coaching with TCI. I also studied along side experts and delved into the world of strategic behavioral change and holistic health and extracted the most incredible tools and information to combine my passion for inspiring change in the body and the mind and I started Bloom Wellness.

“Over the past 12 months I have created a holistic health, fitness and wellness educational coaching and events business and have been able to help literally thousands of people to sustainably create change in their body and most of their entire mind.”

Amber Hawken
Amber HawkenCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

I have grown my business through hiring gun coaches who have double certifications in both the health and fitness industry (personal training, nutrition etc) plus are qualified NLP practitioners and/or certified coaches. This is to ensure that people get the practical professional steps for their nutrition and exercise as well as the most important psychological and emotional behavioral transformations through coaching.

In this 12 month period I have run a 4 day holistic health and empower retreat, coached (and continue to coach) over 30 1:1 clients, run 6 workshops ranging from 2 -12 hours either as a Bloom solo innovation or been asked to run workshops for Lorna Jane, Lu Lu Lemon and also guest speaking for large corporate events including REIQ Women in Real Estate and Utopia Women’s Wellness Day.

Currently I am building and online coaching program that will be accessible completely online which covers vast multitudes of the most important facets of health, wellness and emotional, physical and spiritual empowerment and transformation. Currently the launch date is TBA as I am walking my talk and taking a step back from business to stop and smell the roses for a few months and give my adrenal glands some rest and life some balance.

It has been a hell of a healing journey and incredible challenge which has been entirely worth it. I have had about 16 thousands identify shifts, cried more times in 12 months that the past 12 years put together, gotten sick, felt lost and most of all found what it is that lights my up every single day and I live and breathe what I teach. I have learnt to let go of control and that money is energy. Where focus goes energy flows. Financially it’s been incredible, but absolutely terrifying at the same time. The lesson in owning your own business is not to see how far you can push and shove yourself to “create your own destiny” and take control of you life, instead you find yourself sitting back laughing and realising that you really are here to serve, be part of a bigger picture and let go of any sense of control and most of all, take responsibility in this process.

#It was nothing like I had ever experienced in any of my other education or positions.

#The knowledge and experiences I was gathering was actually changing my life!

#They were helping me through some decisions and concerns that I had. Some I had worked on for years and other professions or education couldn't help me shift.

#Everything that has been shared has added value to my life. It has challenged and developed me and has been so easy to apply to my coaching and training.

Amber Hawken
Amber HawkenCredentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

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