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Bored and frustrated in your current job role? Dying for a change but terrified at even the smallest thought of trying something new? Does this sound familiar to you...?

Bored and frustrated in your current job role? Dying for a change but terrified at even the smallest thought of trying something new? Does this sound familiar to you...?

Sometimes the thought of leaving your day job can sound like climbing Mount Everest...impossible!!

Have you ever taken a moment to really analyse what it is that’s holding you back?

Is it fear of losing job security? Fear of trying something new? Fear of failure?  We often find it easy to hide inside our shells, sacrificing a far better outcome as a result. 

In essence, when making any kind of change in the direction of your heart’s desire, how could you go wrong?

Firstly you are moving away from something you simply can’t stand... secondly you are taking steps toward a brighter and more fulfilling future.  Well I think the risk is worth it!

Working at The Coaching Institute and regularly connecting with our students, I am continuously surrounded by people wanting to pursue a more fulfilling career.

Usually they are scared and don’t know how to go about making the change. 

This is why I wanted to create an article for you, so that I can help give you confidence and a nudge in the right direction!


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People fear sudden change for many reasons.  They are scared to take risks, face uncertainty and put their income in any sort of danger.

In order to overcome this, we would recommend you make a slow and steady transition into your desired field.  For example, you can keep your day job and start gathering work experience / education in your desired field on weeknights and weekends.

When you have accumulated enough work, you can reduce hours at your old job.  Whilst the process may sound time consuming, if you love what you’re doing enough, it won’t feel like work but rather something you look forward to!

Many students at The Coaching Institute start off will a smaller client base. Once they gain enough confidence and experience, many go on to work their own hours operating their own full-time business or practice. 

The transition is seamless and you are able to slowly take your work into the control of your own hands.


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Often we tend to over-analyse our surroundings.  We may see others working in our desired field and feel intimidated or like they ‘got in first’.

However it is important to remember the reasons why you want to make a change in the first place.  You are the one living your life and will be directly affected by your circumstances in the long term.

Instead, you can study their actions, learn from their mistakes and when the time comes, feel more confident about entering your desired field. 

If you are truly passionate about something, it shouldn’t matter what those around you are doing.  Helping others such as life coaching is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

There are so many opportunities to really make a difference in someone else’s life.  


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Make sure you are truly aware of the environment you will be entering in to.  That includes, knowing the people you will be working with and selling your product. 

The people you are surrounded by can often define your happiness so it is important that you can flourish in this area and enjoy the audience you will be engaging with.

Working with people who are seeking help can be extremely rewarding and often enables you to build strong and fulfilling relationships. 

Life coaching is all about people, so if you love people, you will love life coaching.


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Of course we all enter into business to make money, but you need to assess whether you are making changes for the right reasons and moving into a career path that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

If you are able to achieve this, the money will come as a bonus and not a necessity.

When you enjoy what you are doing, you do a better job at it, adding to the potential income.

Life coaching is a field that requires passion, commitment and understanding. If you enjoy helping others, these feelings will come naturally and your client relationships will flourish. 

While there will be risk and uncertainty in anything you do, following these steps will help you to feel more comfortable and ‘in control’ of your desired outcome. 

And if you are looking for assistance in finding a desirable path for you, we can help with that too!! Making the transition to become a life coach is progressive.

You can study life coaching courses with The Coaching Institute using our external resources and build up a small client base whilst working full time.  

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