TCI Newsroom July 2017

Get the latest updates from the TCI HQ this week! We have so much lined up for you! This week, we announced the launch of the brand new TCI website . . .

TCI Newsroom July 2017

Get the latest updates from the TCI HQ this week!

There is so much lined up for you! This week, we announced the launch of the brand new TCI website. We pressed the button and unveiled the new website; thank you so much for all the amazing feedback you've sent our way! You'll find...

- Epic new coaching resources
- Amazing coaching gifts
- Brand-spanking new trainings
- And the latest coaching news

TCI Newsroom July 2017

This month, we have Your Coaching Journey on the 22nd of July weekend, free 2-day training with Master Coach Matt Lavars to take your first steps to becoming a successful coach
Register here:

Alongside, we have Advanced Skills at The Coaching Institute's state-of-the-art campus here in Melbourne, where life coaches worldwide come to experience world-class training, where lifelong friendships are made and where extraordinary transformations take place!

Find out more about our courses and trainings:

TCI Newsroom July 2017

Moving on, we've been working hard behind the scenes to work on something really epic, and they are your Professional Coach Assessments, which are critical to positioning yourself as Accredited, front-leader in the coaching industry. We went live with the very first Professional Coach assessment just today (21st July) so make sure you're on top of it!

That's it from us for now!

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TCI Paying Clients

Paying Clients - 50% of Us Already Have Them

In a recent life coaching training facilitated by Master Coach Joe Pane at The Coaching Institute, we carried out a survey on our coaches and found that over half the room had paying clients, while the industry average is about 10% of coaches. That means 50% of TCI coaches already have paying clients, no matter where they are in their coaching journey.
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5 Daily Habits To Live a Happy Life

You know those people who always seem to be happy? They have a great outlook on life and things always go their way somehow! Maybe you're one of those people and perhaps you're already doing these 5 things, maybe you're a life coach and you already know what I'm about to share... but how can we really live a happy life?