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At TCI we believe that passionate people are the key to success. And that work should be fun, educational and something you truly believe in. It needs to have you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited about what you’re going to create

It’s not about 9-to-5, or ‘getting the job done’, but about getting paid to play, innovate, create, learn and contribute to a mission that matters. Over the years we have won many business excellence awards and accolades for creating one of the most unique and desirable culture in the world.

Welcome to The Coaching Institute…

If you’ve worked in a culture where progress is encouraged, measured and pursued, you’ll know how energising it is to be in this team.

Remi Pearson
Remi PearsonFounder of The Coaching Institute

What We Do: Inspiring the Extraordinary

Our mission – Inspiring the Extraordinary – happens because of the people who are in our team. The ‘company’ doesn’t do this – our team of extraordinary individuals who have come together is what makes this work so well.

And no matter what your role - whether you’re in the Dream Factory, Team Midas, The Wow Team, The Ninjas, Mission Control or The Marvels – you’ll play a vital role in transforming lives across the world.

What’s It Like to Work at The Coaching Institute?

We’re not ‘corporate’ or ‘beige’. We prefer that we get to be ourselves, and that we strive unapologetically for excellence. We love to achieve results, and have fun whilst we’re doing it.

Collaboration, innovation and determination – three attributes that seem to infuse our culture. We’d rather make a mistake, learn from it, move on and grow, so there’s no hierarchy on feedback and everyone’s ideas matter.

8 Reasons to Build Your Career at TCI

Remi's mum and the TCI team

A world class company culture

We believe that the culture of a company is the most important aspect of any business. Our unique culture is one of the things that make TCI what it is. We have won awards for excellence because of our focus on our culture. We care deeply about our vision – live your dream – and our values are core to how we attract the very best people to join us. We have Secret Wows, surprise gifts for team members and Weekly Wow meetings where we celebrate who’s been rocking.

We have fun, learn, grow and contribute to where we’re heading with people we want to be with. The company culture fuels our desire to achieve our mission, which is inspiring the extraordinary.

The ultimate place to be to experience personal and professional growth

We’re an educational company and we live and breathe learning. We provide access to a library of training resources and materials. We have regular in-house trainings for our team and because we run classes worldwide most days. There is always something to learn...

We have an expectation that the people who want to be with us are those who want to be the best version of themselves that they can be. You can become a Five Star Mentor with us for fellow team members, through our four year leadership development program.

Matt Lavars, Jakub Wolanski and Diego Pappalardo
Sharon Pearson & Glam

Have fun and bring your quirk

We’re definitely focused on having the business infrastructure and systems in place to succeed, and really care about doing things well. But we believe that business should also be fun, and people should look forward to going to work each day.

We create a work environment that’s all about you being you. We recently had a Women Appreciation Day. We celebrated Halloween with cobwebs and fake spiders and a party. We even get our students and members joining in when they come to our campus to train, with boas, hats and costumes.

The freedom to bring all of you

We appreciate that brilliant people want the freedom to bring their best game. They don’t want to be limited by the current ‘reality’. Our culture and work style is designed to ensure that A Players are unleashed!

We’re a small team – 25 people in one campus in Melbourne, Australia – and each of us know that we’re free to be ourselves, and to discover the best version of us that we are capable of.

‘Settling’ is not an option.

Celebrating birthdays at TCI

We work full on and we play full on, including dancing, singing (yes, really badly) and costume days. We’ve even had a llama visit us. It made sense at the time...

Elysium Glam Nguyen
Elysium ‘Glam’ NguyenThe Coaching Institute
Dream Team group photo

Phenomenal team mates

Our culture and leadership development programs attract talented applicants from around the world. If you’re accepted, you’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business and we appreciate that’s what you want.

We don’t only recruit talent. We recruit people who are a match to our culture and how we ‘ride’. We are quirky, we do demand excellence, and no one just ‘goes through the motions’. We expect each other to be passionate, focused, fun, positive and determined to live a life of purpose.

Work in one of the coolest offices in Australasia

TCI is not an ‘ordinary’ office environment. Yes, there is a plane on the ceiling and neon lights up the walls. There is graffiti and there are superheroes painted around the building. Yes, our manifesto really DOES sit twenty feet tall in our foyer...

We have designed an office space that we believe inspire people to be innovative, and to feel really valued as members of our team.

Click here to see our "Great Place to Work" awards!

Moon Bear Cafe
The Coaching Institute Foundation and charity

Making a difference

We began this journey to make a difference. We have the Moon Bear Café, where all profits go towards The Coaching Institute Foundation. We give to some major causes through this foundation and love that we’re able to make this contribution.

Charity days

In 2015 the Coaching Institute Launched a new initiative to give back and really offer support to our communities.

Every single Team Member at The Coaching Institute is more fortunate than most. We have rooves over our heads and food in our belly. We have people around us who love us and care. We have opportunity and room for financial and personal growth.

The Coaching Institute is now supporting it’s team members to take one day per quarter (that’s four days per year!) to support a cause of their choice and do something incredible. It’s a paid day, like any other day in the office and it’s our gift to some of the most deserving charities and foundations.

Every year Team Members are gifted one additional day per quarter. Imagine spending time almost every month working with a cause you are truly passionate about while still being supported my your job.

Culture is king at TCI

How to Join the TCI Team

We’re always seeking A Players. We are attracting the people who are here to live their full potential and who insist on being in an environment where this is expected.

TCI team members are encouraged to bring their initiative and shape their roles, so they can find the role that best suits their capabilities and strengths. Upon joining us, you will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training and an environment of like-minded people who don’t settle for doing anything less than what they are passionate about.

Steps to getting selected

You Will Need: 

  • A presentation stating why you are extraordinary and why you would add epic value to The Coaching Institute team. (This can be a video, song, poem, powerpoint, or the best letter ever).
  • Your resume in PDF format.
  • Anything you have achieved that you are proud of and would like to brag about.

STEP 1: Apply

When you see a role you think you can make amazing, apply by sending all of the above to Tell us why this role is made for you.

STEP 2: Shortlist

Once you submit your application, it will go through a screening process. If successful, the team will be in touch to arrange your interviews.

STEP 3: Interviews

Interviews are done over the phone or via face-to-face. It is the opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

STEP 4: Trials

If successful through the interview, we will invite you to come in for a trial where you will have the opportunity to be introduced to the team, experience our culture, work directly with your team members, and let your outstanding results do the talking. The trials can be from 1 day to 2 weeks.

STEP 5: Offer

If you completely WOW us throughout the trial, we will offer you the role! Beyond the hard skills, we are looking for your ability to add value to our culture, your hunger to learn and grow, and your passion and determination to achieve the extraordinary 🙂

You’re Hired! What’s Next?

So you’ve had you’ve rocked your interviews and WOW’d in your trial and now you have your offer in your hands... Congratulations!

What happens next?

Our team will send you all you need, along with our Wow Compendium, which introduces you to what matters most to us as a team. You will get a tour of our campus, introduce you to everyone and teach you where everything is, including the plane. You will be introduced to the online training portal and all the resources available there.

Throughout your time with us you’ll be able to contribute to the improvements to our recruitment process, as all team members are able to be involved in this.

Tips to Apply

We want you to have the best opportunity to succeed with your application. Our process, as you’ve probably figured out by now, discourages anyone who thinks they ‘just want any job’ from applying.

We want the best of the best. You may not have the experience you need, but you will, without any doubt, have a complete passion for excellence and already be living the values we think matter most.

  • Study us

    The more you know about how we ride, the easier it will be to rock out. Browse our website, check out our Facebook, find out more about our products, get some insights. Be able to articulate what we do, who we are, what is our mission and values, and why you want to be a part of our team. Attend our events. Be social.

  • Explore the culture

    Learn what it means that happiness matters. By getting to know us better, you can determine if our culture resonates with you. We value collaboration, innovation and growth.
  • Know what you want

    Read the role description carefully to figure out how well you align to the role. Focus on what you can bring to the table, what makes your brain bubbling with enthusiasm and how that aligns with our mission.

  • Show us the real you

    We want to know what is not present in your resume. Share your valuable experiences and insights, summarize your achievements and charm us with your stories.

  • Dare us!

    Go ahead and quiz the interviewer with one sharp question after the other. It’s one of the best ways to establish a connection and for us to learn how serious you are about pursuing a career with us. Make us think.
  • Listen

    Listening is one of the best ways to build the rapport and is as important as answering the questions. If you’re not paying attention, even if you know the right answer, you might give just a passable one.

  • Show us you’re on it

    Be ready to enthusiastically express your pride and passions – this is more meaningful than any experience you’ve had. What are the new traits, technologies or trends that make you tick?

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