Living your Dream at a Great Place to Work

A new client signs on and the entire office stops to celebrate. The TCI Brag Bell is rung to welcome a new member into the community – there might even be a happy dance or spontaneous congo line¬. This is just one of the ways the TCI team practice “WOW”.

The Coaching Institute (TCI) is Australia’s most-awarded coaching school with the biggest global community of professional and aspiring coaches across more 93 (and growing) countries. The TCI mission is to provide the highest standards of excellence in coaching education worldwide; and through evidence-based coaching tools, models, and methodologies, to ultimately empower people to live their dream, become their truest self, and help others do the same. TCI has 29 employees and is based in Melbourne, Australia. And it’s so much more than a campus – TCI is a movement that is changing the world.

TCI has a company culture that rocks. In a recent review by the internationally acclaimed Great Place to Work, 94% of employees at The Coaching Institute said it is a great place to work compared to 55% of employees at a typical Australia-based company.

“We operate on the belief that if we build a culture that attracts the best people – passionate people – we can provide a phenomenal experience for our clients and our prospects. They will notice.” says founder Remi Pearson.


97% of employees said, “When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome”

Work should be fun. The TCI team comes to a place where people treat each other with respect and good humour. There is a firmly held belief that a great culture attracts great people, which attracts great clients, which helps create an even greater culture. Everyone is on board for adventure. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

The recruitment of team members is super important because it’s the people who create culture, not the business. The TCI recruitment process is values driven and people are hired who will challenge the status quo, creating a space for innovators to thrive, for excellence to be the norm and for high-performance to shine.

People who embrace the qualities of innovation, growth, passion, determination, responsibility, excellence and spirit are welcomed (and those who don’t tend to find other places to work) so what evolves are highly functional interesting teams with plenty of productive energy.

TCI team awarded Great Place to Work

"Being part of a team who genuinely cares about taking care of one another as well as our students is a privilege!”

97% agreed people here are willing to give extra to get the job done

People who work at TCI bring their best game and strive to add value to the business. The TCI team never feel limited in how far they can go. People get things done with quiet purpose and the minimum of fuss. There is support for one another and an expectation of success. When there is a setback there is reflection, learning, adaptation and momentum.

The teams love it when they can do better. They get that this style of working isn’t for everyone but embrace the idea the status quo must always be challenged. It’s about “us” not “I” or “you” so there is trust, shared credit and transparency.

"As an organisation our mission is to inspire the extraordinary. We're passionate about helping individuals realise their full potential and make the impact they are meant to make in the world. This mission which applies to our staff as well, has led to driving an exceptional team setting high standards of trust and care which makes us all proud to be a part of.”

Team TCI know “My work has special meaning: this is not ‘just a job’"

A good day is one where the team members know that what they did made a difference and they were capable under pressure of finding a way. Bringing out the best in people and encouraging thoughtfulness and empathy strengthen the culture from the ground up­ ­– every day, for everyone.

There’s a language – a ‘way to be’ – that defines the workplace: WOW.

WOW ways are what makes work different and fun. Team members deliver secret ‘wows’ to each other (perhaps chocolates, a card or flowers) and share random gifts, themed dress up days let the team show who they are and have everyone wondering what they will do next, achievers are given a ‘crown for a day’, a Wizard of Wow award is given once a month for living the values, and new team members receive the ‘Wow Sash’ and tee shirt signed by their team mates to welcome them.  There’s ‘Love Bombs’, Personal Success Planning Sessions, a circulating Wow trophy and the proud understanding that together the team delivers ten times more value than what any member invests in a program.

And there is honest feedback embedded in every process and structure designed to create leaders for today. The whole person is respected and developed: their hopes, dreams, desires, fears, ideas, thinking and actions.


97% say “I feel good about the ways in which we contribute to the community”

Giving feels awesome.  Contributions of more than AUD$3 million support causes in the TCI community that make a meaningful difference. The newest charitable initiative is the Awakening Foundation with a mission is to give books to children who can’t access them.

And there is a larger purpose to the commitments the TCI team make to students who enrol into their programs. It feels amazing to develop new coaches so they can live their dreams and live a life full of possibility and triumph.   Education is a wonderful pathway to financial independence, to self-determination and to a successful life.


97% are proud to tell others they work at TCI

The TCI team comes to work to contribute to something meaningful, to learn and to have fun. Everyone is linked to the greater purpose of the team, and they put their heart and soul into what they do.   They don’t just do it for the money. They take care of the mission and the culture of the organisation.

The TCI WOW team consist of Team Midas (Finance); the Wow Team (Student Support); The Ninjas (Events); Mission Control (Administration); the Marvels (Sales); the Dream Factory (Marketing/Innovations); the Fun Police (Compliance). They don’t even think about themselves by the more traditional titles.

Everyone is a CEO… Chief Extraordinary Officer.

There’s a genuine sense of pride in working for Australia’s favourite and most dynamic coaching school.

When TCI first launched in 2004, the idea was to build a culture of responsibility and then fill that culture with self-disciplined people who were willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve their life goals.  Today, TCI is a living, dynamic, innovative and thriving organisation where people come to work because there is a true sense of fulfilment in meaningful endeavour – and that is a great place to work.

“Being awarded Great Place to Work certifications is a testament to the effort and enthusiasm we bring each and every day to make The Coaching Institute a Great Place to Work."

Remi Pearson CEO and Owner

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