That’s Why I Come Back Every Year

Just this the training here and coming back every year. That's why I come back every year.

My wife tells me what do you do. "It's huge weeks. You don't get paid!" and it meant so much to me that training so I have to come back I feel like it's my duty to come back and serve.

Daniel Burgess

" That's why I come back every year!"

Daniel BurgessAccredited Professional Coach

"I'm here to learn how to get an outside beat be kind on yourself as well"

The impact of the training it's like you know you say you don't know about when you sign like it's the same with the mandatory training you kind of don't know like who you're going to be afterwards.
It's amazing and then just relentless practice and taking the feedback on from the team here and just relentless practice and then just speaking to anyone that would listen and we talk about the more we work on ourselves the more we create the space to allow our clients to feel whether it's on stage or whether it's off stage.
Yes like that's the that's like a super detail question and I'm kind of not that structured but I learned to be structured like using the critical alignment model that Sharon teaches part of the program.

I'm here to learn how to get an outside beat be kind on yourself as well. Like it like there was people at the start like there was coaches that like overtook me like well and truly and I was like Why am I getting those results. But then I changed my thing is like rather than get jealous work out what they did ask how and go con yourself because the journey is different for everyone.

Yeah we've all got personal stuff that we need to go on and work out. I say be kind to yourself because it might take someone a year but it might take you two years but really in the big scheme of our lives how long is two years and how long?

We think it is passing anyway seem as we work on yourself and your earning potential goes up the more you work on yourself. So look it's cool.ou.

Daniel Burgess
Daniel BurgessAccredited Professional Coach

Still integrate those things into my life and when I'm in my car...

All the way up to what are you like in the beginning like I was quite obsessed like I was doing 40 hours of study a week you know like you don't need to do that. But that was just me wanting to get better faster and. But now like you know I've got a workshop on Wednesday to practice for so I got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and practice that for two hours.

Is that your strategy that followed and then then you know it was the same year same one I've got six before the kids get up practice for two hours so still integrate those things into my life and when I'm in the car I don't listen to commercial radio or listen to learning I'm always learning and because that's what I'm passionate about.


#Daniel Burgess started his journey from 2016 in a five day facilitation course and is now running his own business with 14 hours days, every single day, every year and still finds himself volunteering for TCI trainings.

"That's what's amazing about this community is because everyone wants to see you succeed like that. That is the only ulterior motive that we all have and that you haven't Matt in the well team have is to see all succeed. And unfortunately that's kind of not like that in the real world. Everyone's got a bit of tall poppy syndrome everyone's like oh you know you get too big for your boots. You want to be some motivational speaker and stand on stage and spy people who you know that's a crazy idea. That's what people said to me. Yeah. And so but everyone in this community is all about just gone you know what. Let's. How do we make that happen for you. I think that's a blessing. "

#Daniel Burgess
#Daniel BurgessAccredited Professional Coach