Breakthrough To Coaching Success Australia

"Breakthrough to Coaching Success was an absolutely outstanding event! Matt and the TCI team delivered excellence and so much value has been added to my life from this weekend! I learned a lot about myself and how to move forward with my career, look forward to the next event! Thank you Matt, LOVE IT!!!" - Julia De Souza

Breakthrough To Coaching Success Perth
Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide, Australia - June & July 2018Event Testimonials

"Absolutely sensational..." - Alea H.

"Breakthrough to Coaching Success Perth event 2018, very professional trainer leading the way, facilitating the group participants in holding a space filled with genuine care, warmth, fun, engagement, listening, and compassion. Thanks to the support Ninja team and Matt Lavars for delivering a professional training."
- Caroline Kroll 

"Well another great weekend was had by me at the Breakthrough to Coaching Success last weekend.
Met some new people, the room was full of positive, real, genuine, supportive energy.
Once again Matt presented well and shared from his own life they gave me hope and possibilities.
Thanks Matt and the Ninjas. ."
- Stephen O'keefe

"Thank you Matt Lavars and all the Perth team for your time, it’s is greatly appreciated. I have to say this is the first time I feel like I have made genuine connections with myself and others. Seek the journey and walk it. Rock on!"

Breakthrough To Coaching Success Perth
Nicole KennettPast Attendee

"After attending a fabulous 2 day seminar - I decided to further my education in the space of coaching and joined the coaching institute. The weekend was full of information, activities, demonstrations, interviews with current & past students and gave a really good insight and an excellent taster of what we would experience on the road ahead. I got so much personal growth just out of the weekend that I am overly excited (and acceptably nervous) with what lies ahead. I truly believe that attending this seminar will help me change my life forever. If all of that wasn't enough, I met a whole new network of like-minded people. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about taking a journey into the world of coaching to check out this school."
- Donna Jackson-Thomas

"Love Breakthrough To Coaching Success event, great knowledge share by Matt and the team. Matt was very down to earth and approachable to talk to us about his passion for coaching sharing his wisdom and insight.It great weekend! Love every minute of it!"
- Lyn

"A growing need - Opening ones eyes to the possibilities. It takes all sorts to make the world go round. After all this time I finally arrived at the right destination to be able to receive the right Education to enable me to help myself which will than manifest to helping others. There is a growing need for this service to help masses. What a life blessing to receive the insight and tools to be able to change and breakthrough by utilising our own personal power. Thank you to the Coaching Institute Australia."
- Dannii 

"A great experience! The weekend free event was very well catered for, informative and a great networking opportunity to share thoughts, ideas with others attending. May I suggest using music to help with keeping timing on track. It's a none invasive way of encouraging people to resume their seats for the next session. The facilitator was very good, professional and shared his own experiences with the group, which made it real. We all need coaching at some time in our lives and to become a coach to help others and to learn the strategies and tools needed, is honorable. I'm still considering it but would thoroughly recommend this event and many thanks to those involved for hosting it. Great work!"
- Donnatella 

"Authentic and Genuine. Matt was particularly authentic, approachable and generous in sharing knowledge and content. No ra-ra in your face sales pitch throughout the day although, these free events are tasters to the full course, so you have to expect some level of sales to occur. It was surprisingly fabulous and definitely has me contemplating studying with TCI in the near future. Even if you are not aspiring to becoming a coach, this weekend will put you on the path to a beautiful life transformation."
- Karen 

I loved every moment of 2 day Breakthrough To Coaching Success event. It was very informative lots of stories, supportive staff service and wonderful display of coaching. Inspirational people and interviews. Great sales and coach speakers."

Breakthrough To Coaching Success Perth
Alea H.Past Attendee

"I had a fabulous weekend with The Coaching Institute in Adelaide, hosted by Matt Lavars. I am a Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach. I attended because I wanted to refresh my skills but the weekend was full of new learning and insights. A truly fabulous two day free workshop that gave me tools to improve myself and my business. I also signed up for a 12 week workshop which I am excited to complete. Highly recommended. The Coaching Institute have many courses and I am sure you will find one suited for you. Also the community and support is second to none."
- Teresa Danville 

"What a wonderful weekend in Adelaide, thank you Matt, especially Day 2. Loved the techniques and the expertise you and your team have, and hearing the real life transformations of those who have done the program, both personally and in their careers/businesses. The Coaching Institute obviously has a great culture within the organisation and that shines through."
- Ruth Morgan 

"Great weekend learnt alot meet some lovely people. Thank you!"
- Andrea Gnys 

"Hey Matt Lavars ...your amazing. Thankyou for an interesting fun and inspiring 2 days. Keen to see you again in Melbourne. Loved the energy you bought and what a group of lovely people. It was just uplifting."
- Julie Smith