How the journey to life coaching changed Tania’s life forever

Tania's story is unlike any other, originally from South Africa, she came to Australia in 2018, seeking something more in her life

Meet Tania, an inspiring successful Coach, who embarked on a life-changing journey with The Coaching Institute (ICI). Tania's story is unlike any other, originally from South Africa, she came to Australia in 2018, seeking something more in her life. Unbeknownst to her, she was quietly grappling with depression and a yearning for her home country.

tania serfontein life coaching

One fateful day, Tania attended a free coaching event at ICI and felt an instant connection. The atmosphere and the passionate coaches ignited a spark within her, driving her to become a part of this supportive community. Initially, Tania didn't have a specific vision of becoming a coach or joining a life coaching school, but she knew she needed this nurturing environment to take steps forward in her life.

As time passed, Tania discovered her dream – to help people overcome obstacles and find their inner confidence to say "yes" to opportunities. With the support of ICI, she began her coaching journey, taking each step one at a time. Tania embraced the coaching world by starting with pro-bono coaching, networking online, and building connections with business owners. As she immersed herself in the community, she found her niche in helping these entrepreneurs.

Despite lacking a business background, Tania fearlessly stepped out of her comfort zone, learning to connect, communicate, and implement systems to build her coaching practice. ICI provided her with invaluable tools, structures, and mentoring, helping her navigate the world of coaching and business with confidence.

Tania's success was not solely attributed to her skills but also to the power of the coaching community. Surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who supported and challenged her, she thrived and achieved milestones she never thought possible. The community at ICI fuelled her growth, and she realized that "just saying yes" to opportunities and taking action were keys to her progress

One of her proudest moments was landing her first paying client through a referral. It was a turning point that led to a long-lasting client relationship and immense personal growth for both parties. Tania's clients benefited from her coaching, and she, in turn, learned from their journey, fostering her own continuous development.

Today, Tania's coaching business flourishes, and she is even contributing back to the ICI community as a facilitator. Balancing motherhood and coaching, she manages her schedule with a mix of weekly and biweekly sessions, creating a thriving part-time business.

The three pillars that have contributed to Tania's success are clear: the supportive community at ICI, the effective systems and structures provided, and most importantly, her unwavering action-taking mindset.

tania serfontein life coaching

Tania's story is a testament to the power of a supportive community, the transformative nature of coaching, and the value of seizing opportunities. ICI continues to be her guiding light, propelling her forward as she impacts lives and helps others achieve their dreams.

Tania's journey at ICI exemplifies the magic that happens when passion, community, and action unite. Through her perseverance and dedication, she is living proof that anyone can achieve greatness and make a lasting impact on themselves and the world. Her story is an inspiration to all aspiring life coaches and business coaches, showing them that with the right support and mindset, the sky's the limit.