From School Teacher to Professional Coach

The feeling was just like the trust, the self-belief, it's not pride. It's like knowing that you're doing what you wanted to do, you're making impacts to people.

Q. Thank you so much for being with us today. I really appreciate it.

I love being here. Can I just say how amazing you guys are like you guys You guys don’t appreciate, well you do appreciate, but I just wanted to acknowledge how wonderful this all is.

Q.Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I would love to know. First of all, tell everyone a little bit about how long you've been in the school for? I know you’ve had a couple of firsts.

Yeah, sure. So I joined in September last year and I have to say I'm really nervous about this, because this is my first live ever. Even though I'm a teacher, I sit in front of brats all the time.

Q. Good on you for doing it then.

So I joined in September last year. It’s been transformational, like life-changing completely, like all this stuff it says is almost like your precursory to my presentation type moment, of feeling nervous anyway and doing it. I ran a workshop in January and it was okay and I started to get a bit more comfortable.
Then I ran another workshop in these school holidays and I had a really great following and testimonials, fantastic testimonials and managed to get my first, not one but two paying clients from it.

Q.Congratulations, well done. I shared a little bit about like my first paying client story in over lunch, I would love to know, for everyone here who's new, what was that moment like? The first person saying, I want to pay you for coaching. And it's obviously something that's really important to you and it's, this is the beginning of a future. What was that moment like?

I'm going to cry if I keep thinking about it, but, I did actually record it because I knew it was a special moment and everyone had said that and I'm like shaking thinking of it. But I just remember thinking, you know, like this person actually just said, look, I'm just going to pay you to be your first client because I want to have that privilege. So they were fantastic.  And the feeling was just like the trust, like the self-belief and just going, it's not pride. It's like knowing that you're doing what you wanted to do, you're making impacts to people. Like you're actually making differences to people's lives. Like if not now when, and if they're going to listen to you and take that and implement that, and that's going to affect other people in their life, like it's a privilege.

Q.I love what you've just said and I can't agree with you more. I, that, when we are driven by others, everything goes well. And when we're driven by ourselves, everything goes bad. Especially in this business, you know, like we can do it differently in other businesses, like you could be selfish in, in certain businesses, but in coaching, if you think about it with what we do, when your first primary care is the person in front of you, you can still learn about business, but the business will take care of itself, because you're doing the right thing, which is really important. Good on you. Congratulations.

Thank you. I have to say, like, the thing that brought me here, to this group is the team. These guys at the back here are the most amazing people you're going to meet ever.

When I first wanted to join TCI, it was interesting because I read all the self-help books and I'd done a lot of transformation work myself and I'd considered myself to be quite knowledgeable. But I wanted to find a tribe or somewhere I belong, or somewhere I could be me not wrong and not crazy and all those type of things, because I stayed hidden in the shadows for too long. And I talked to your wife actually first. She was amazing and she just gave me all the answers and didn't push and was really gentle and I met the people like the wow team. If you guys haven't met the wow team yet, like, and the dream team, these guys, they are genuine. I haven't met such genuine people in my life like that. They actually care.

I have to say it's so crazy being right here right now, because my journey started during COVID right. I'm a bit emotional. But during COVID, when everything was locked down was actually my moment when I could come out, because I could turn on a screen and hide behind a screen, and for the first time in my life speak words that I'd never had the confidence to speak. Because I was scared and shut down and hiding, and I was able to talk to that screen and there were people behind the screen that resonated. There's just amazing people, like meeting so many different individuals and people.

Q. Tell me more about when you say that you started speaking words that you hadn't spoken before? What do you mean by that?

There's lots of dynamics to that.  Things like, things in my past that I had suppressed. Having a session with Remi, there was one moment when I actually had a one-on-one with her at the ICG summit, I think it was. And, she had said self-care and looking after yourself is not selfish. It's actually giving yourself your own oxygen mask first before others.  And that's the thing a lot of people say is that this is not just a business proposition, this is not just a school. This is life-changing, like personal development beyond personal development where you actually get to examine yourself, but in a safe, nurturing place and that's awesome.

Q. Good on you. Congratulations. And so just share a little bit about, the type of people that you're currently working with or wanting to work with?

That's a great question, actually, because I used to think that I had to get into business because everyone's talking business, business, business. But people that were being drawn to me were all people who were emotional type people. They all felt feelings and emotions within themselves that they couldn't express or didn't feel that they were allowed to express and they just kept coming to me and saying, Kathryn, I love how you give me space and I love how you provide this opportunity to examine who I am, and what I am. I've realized that's probably more my calling at the moment.  Starting to, realize that it's having the confidence to actually speak up enough, to be heard by other people, to give them, the confidence to speak up, which is that ripple becoming the wave, you know?

Q. Now, what would you say to someone here who's thinking about starting their coaching journey?

I think that you should reach out to this amazing team and they'll, talk and nurture you through it. But, if you've been wanting to find somewhere to fit, that you can be accepted in whatever shape, or position, or place, or emotion that you're in, this is the place to be. There's no other place like it. I haven't met anywhere like it.