The program seemed to offer me the chance that, as a coach, I’d have some flexibility

I'd still be able to get to be with the kids, raising them and having freedom to spend time with them. So that was the most important thing. I had many other skill sets that all would have locked me into careers, I'd have no freedom to be flexible.

pru marie life coaching
Pru MarieProfessional Coach

"Coaching is not about just creating another job. We know a lot of people do that when they get into a business."

Coaching is not about just creating another job. We know a lot of people do that when they get into a business. They build another job that they don't really like vs a career or something that they can fall in love with, something that that is their mission.

I didn't know if it was fear, but I was so glad there were people on the phones. I feel like I could speak and spend so much time with the people we could call. You know, back then, to get support anywhere from the team, they'd get me started and prepared for exactly what I needed.

“I was looking for my place in the world and where I could really contribute my best to others but found that all of these occupations touched on an area of my interests and developed my abilities and knowledge to a point but didn’t go any further than that . . .”

pru marie life coaching
Pru MarieProfessional Coach

I studied a degree in Psychology and Counselling...

I enjoyed being introduced to human thinking and behaviour. However, I was apprehensive in finishing a masters in this because I wasn't certain that I felt this was the most powerful tool to help people. The books and research just seemed to just apply to those that was struggling.

Going to work in and studying HR / training and development, I got to learn about business. However, I found that I didn't get the opportunity to really help people or work through different issues that were coming up in life.

After that, I decided to become a Secondary School Teacher because I thought that I could really help them and offer some guidance and assistance in their time of need. I enjoyed working with youth and helping them learn about life. At the same time, there's a lot of other superfluous work that didn't link with my purpose of helping people become their best.

You know, back then to get support anywhere from the team, they got me started.

That amount of belief in me, really, it was what was carrying me.

Somebody continuously believing in you. Before you believed in yourself...

It was so easy, and there was something simple for me, because life needed to get better.

You know, I don't think it's unique to us that we have griefs, and traumas, and losses and even loss of identity. All sorts of things were going on, but I knew, the one thing I knew, was something had to change. That was my tipping point.

Something had to change and I loved it.

I think it was a really successful strategy to say, "You know what? I'm going to make it this year, and if I find out if it's not going to make it good, I'll pull my attention."

I kind of reclaimed a lot about myself in this journey, all of that protection that had come out of the overarching frame of that coaching, I had that in my own life which was available through the program...

Through the support here, I then was able to make a decision to saying "yes" to myself. That opened up something in me that kind of reminded me of who I was before.

"The community just gives so much support, and I don't think I would have made the decision if it wasn't for the awesome community!"

pru marie life coaching
Pru MarieProfessional Coach

I love the community. I'm bringing that engagement in, so all my work now has an element of one on one.

I also work with people in groups. So with those retreats, we go away and I create luxury experiences, and we reclaim all parts of ourselves.

"Know if you want to empower anyone, you must empower you. You must empower yourself most. That I know now, and for me, I was tough on myself, and I try as it is, the program and the space and the community do it."


Pru Marie, started her journey with TCI and never looked back. She is now running her own business with personal coaching and enjoying, living her dream!

pru marie life coaching
Pru MarieProfessional Coach