How to Become a Successful Coach – Sydney

Last weekend we brought the How to Become a Successful Coach World Tour with Remi Pearson live to Sydney for the first time ever! It was an amazing weekend filled with learning, deep dives, coaching sessions, laughter, joy, and connections

Last Stop on The Coaching Institute's First Ever World Tour with Remi Pearson

Every year the Global TCI (The Coaching Institute) community is growing. This year alone we’ve had people start their coaching journey from every corner of the globe. Germany, Marcius, Vanuatu, Belgium, The USA, The UK, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Somalia, China, Hong Kong and so many more are already represented...

It was an amazing free 2 day life coaching training with Remi diving into how to become a successful coach!

Group photo with Remi Pearson. Rashid Mubashir and students

Our Last Stop on the How to Become a Successful Coach World Tour

Students have set up satellite communities not only all over Australia but also internationally, supporting each other and helping every step of the way.

It’s pretty special to see. It’s not often that a school can create such a movement so far from home.

We are passionate about how we teach people to become coaches that’s why we do our best to take the entire Coaching Institute experience with all the wow, magic, values and of course the incredible Remi Pearson on the road interstate in Australia and all over the world.

Here's some snippets into the last stop on the How to Become a Successful Coach world tour:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this experience

MASSIVE THANK YOU to the incredible How to Become a Successful Coach Sydney Crew!!!

We had the most amazing time in Sydney rocking out with absolutely incredible people this weekend. With a room full of love and laughter, we just want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all. Your hunger to learn and grow, passion and determination, care and contribution is outstanding.


How to become a successful coach crew

Here’s what our new coaches loved about the weekend

"The training this weekend has been nothing short of amazing. It has been informative (beyond) inspirational, fun, more fun , EDUCATIONAL & exceptionally fulfiling. I have been learning about myself for 20years in bits n pieces but this weekend I have more tools that I didn't even realise I needed." Simone Miteneu

"I loved everything! It was very informative, fun, engaging and life changing. Remi helped me by showing me how to find the true purposeof life. A weekend to remember!" Poonam Khan

"The 'bottomless pit' of knowledge, skills, experiental learning given with love and generosity! VALUE, VALUE, VALUE!! Beyonf my expectations again!" Elizabeth Wood

"I loved the Clarity of the ideas/models showed and clear examples of how to use them - together with how easily they each relate to each other"

"Remi Pearson shared so much powerful content and its obvious she has become an expert and master in this field becuase of her passion and commitment to developing a multifaceted coaching program. There are too many insights to mention on both personal development and coaching "
-  Jasna

"Wow! Sooo glad to come to this. Back in the room, ready to rock the learning of self..." Jo Dolan

"I loved the engagement, content, everyone mattered. Resources and big coahcing frames...the friendliness, value and giving. Remi is exceptionally great, she gives value." Jolanta debek-Kozyra

"I was very excited to meet like minded people. I'd love to learn more to become a successful coach. It was a very amazing moment of knowing who I really am. Thank you. Remi helped me to know about my potentiality. It means I'll trust my self more and this training helped me to improve my knowledge about coahcing. It's inspiring." Arianaa Tserendash

"I loved everything! The connection with other coaches, like minded people and all the future coaches signing up. There were so many ahhah moments for me & others I was chatting to. Remi is a wonderful, engaging facilitator." Kim Helman

"The training is presented in easy to understand concepts models and examples. The use of coaching exercises reinforces the learning. The support team were exceptional and the whole group provided an inclusive supportive environment" Julie Coveny

"It was free, it was authentic. I felt that I am in a paid training." Peri Kaplan

" Lots of techniques were given which helped me understand coaching more and get to understand me & others. Gained more insights about coaching.It was free and very informative and lots of techniques were shown." Anna Dori

"Very eye opening and helpful to give us all a sense of direction with our lives and where we headed in our journey no matter who we are." Lance Garbutt

"I loved the insight and informed approach. It changed my opion about coaching and how it can be taught." Anba

" I loved being with like-minded people and hearing all the comments, most of all being in the room with Remi." Heather Cameron

What an amazing 2 days in Sydney we had!

If you’d like to join our Community, shoot us an email on and we'll take care of the rest.

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