Meta Dynamics™ Level I

Melbourne Testimonials

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Melbourne - 05-09 March 2018Event Testimonials

“I got so much out of this training! I recommend it for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of why we and clients do what we do and in turn how we create lives that are more fulfilling, resourceful and purposeful. Matt was an excellent facilitator and I am grateful for the awesome TCI team and co-students that I got to meet and connect with!”

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Erin BeamanPast Attendee

"Wow! This 5 day training was life changing for me. I’ve been on a self development journey for 30 years and this event confirmed and unpacked everything in detail. So impressed I upgraded to Pro Coach and Meta Dynamics™ Level III . I am my own financial freedom planner and now I am also my own life coach taking back control of my needs , emotions and boundaries. Thank you TCI and Matt in particular for how you delivered the event. Lots of love and gratitude xxx"

- Dawn Canale 

"Attending Meta Dynamics™ Level I this week was an experience which fueled my desire to get out there and coach my socks off as a transformation coach! The course material was presented to us in a fun engaging way, full of exercises which gave us the opportunity to experience what we were watching and learning. Loads of friends made along the way means I am surrounded by like minded people and have the support of many who understand exactly the journey I am on, which is priceless to me! Thanks TCI, this is definitely the turning point of my coaching journey!"

- Kylie Johnston

“Meta Dynamics™ Level I has really opened my eyes to the depth of the statement: The Map Is Not The Territory! Now I have this deeper understanding I simply must use my new toolkit, and capture the excitement and enthusiasm I feel right now. It's because this training makes me so much more aware of my language that I feel so empowered - and this in turn means that I can bring this awareness and compassion to all my clients (and everyone else) from this day forth. Thank you Remi Pearson!”

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Nico Davies-CookePast Attendee

"Doing Meta I was a journey both personal and professionally. Profound, emotional, inspiring, vulnerable, fun, educational and so much more. I would highly recommend it to anyone on either journey both personal or professional. My life has changed forever and my can now give this new skill set I have learned to others so I can be the catalyst of change that people in this world need "

- Susanne Seaby 

"The content of this course and the way it was presented during five days of intensive training exceeded my expectations. I liked Matt's style, deep knowledge of Meta , humor and humility. Because of him this training was a life altering experience."

- Anya Volkova 

"Meta Dynamics™ Level I has been an utterly life changing room to be in both for me personally and for my clients! The wealth of new models and tools we now have to draw on in our sessions is epic and it's even more than that...this training has raised the bar in my thinking and as a result I have made a commitment to me to take responsibility and have given myself permission to shine! It truly is the greatest gift we can give ourselves to get in to this room!"

- Claire Markwick

"Matt is such a knowledgeable trainer!!! His lighthearted yet direct approach means you only get value for your time. I absolutely loved all of the learnings, how to apply it right away, how to create a sustainable business all the while creating beautiful friendships and partnerships! Thank you TCI!!!"

- Nicole Brand

"Matt was a phenomenal facilitator, holding space, providing exactly what the participants needed in all ways and calibrating was spot on! Such an epic experience!"

- Char Carter 

"I loved being present in the room this week. Rubbing shoulders with others on this amazing journey of self love, gaining of tools for the transformation ‘the ones’ and creating our individual success! Privilege "

- Jenny O’Connor 

“The most amazing, life changing training I have ever completed! I am so excited to take what I have learned and put it to work!”

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Amanda LutveyPast Attendee

"I love being part of a bigger community. I love that Matt was so open and honest in his content and from himself. I felt that I was able to contribute and share and give in this space. Thankyou Matt for sharing your 6year overnight success with us. You are a truly beautiful soul, walking your talk."

- Tiffany Baxter 

"TCI has exceeded my expectations. The learning experience was supportive and there was a sense of adventure, trying on new things in a safe environment where you were not judged. Encouraged to take risks and did not matter if you fell because you always discovered something different. It shifted my map. This training sent me on an adventure, roused my curiosity opened new discoveries about myself and made living exciting. Provided a tool box to travel through life's journey with love kindness and gratitude. Thank you Matt, Remi Pearson, all of TCI and also the beautiful co participants. All in all it was an amazing 5 days."

- Theivanayaki Rajenthiran 

"Freakin awesome techniques that will help peoples needs in many ways."

- Holly Woods