Meta Dynamics™ Level I

"The time is NOW to make a difference in your life. Loved the journey of rediscovering myself and how I need to embrace my feelings. Thank you The Coaching Institute for an epic week."
- Terry Doukakis 

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Melbourne - 10-14 September 2018Coaching Training Reviews

"Outstanding..." - Annie Toscher

"Meta Dynamics™ Level I was Superb just the way it was. Matt Lavars is Exceptional in his delivery, content and calibrating everyone’s needs. It’s fair to say he is Extraordinary. Loved every second of Meta Dynamics™ Level I training. The Pre Learning was an Awesome way to be in board during the training. The team is OUTSTANDING!"
- Susan Scanlon-Ingram 

"Wow! outstanding training. I trained in NLP many years ago. Meta Dynamics™ expands above and beyond with emotional intelligence giving a greater depth of understanding and highly effective tools that assist in facilitation of transformation change. This is a must training to make a difference. Seriously, I think the training is world class. I was concerned about being able to remember due to a brain injury. Matt was so compassionate and kind. During the first 2 days I stopped taking notes. I put complete trust in the training and was able to fully participate. This has rebuilt my confidence, can not express gratitude enough. The team is extremely supportive, helpful, professional, caring and approachable. I would highly recommend to others and especially to coaches who have trained in NLP years ago. Meta Dynamics™ is far more expansive and deeper with what it means to be human."
- Annie Toscher 

"I loved the knowledge, passion, compassion and humour Matt brought to every session. Matt set a high benchmark of excellence; leading by example to all of us. I loved the awesome techniques we learned throughout the week which equips us with new tools to step our coaching up to a new level. I loved sharing the learning with other likeminded, highly capable and incredibly supportive, beautiful souls. Thank you The Coaching Institute for this unforgettable experience. :)"

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Sue StevensonPast Attendee

"I love the energy provided by Matt during the training. His knowledge and his warmth have been genuine in serving the room. We all have a safe environment to express our emotion and safe space for learning."
- Vivienne 

"I enjoyed the workshop because it reinforced about how our emotional if unchecked can deplete or energy levels. The more our energy levels are depleted we are more inclined to go into our fight and flight response programs and being the effect and not the cause. This class gives us more tools in order to become emotionally intimate. Which in turn helps gain back more control of our Lives."
- Shawn Miller

"So many key learnings ... all change is within me, emotional work is a MUST and there is no better time to start than now!!! Matt is phenomenal and grown and honed his skills even more so than the last time I was in the room with him in Oct '17. Can't thank Matt enough for the encouragement and support in dumping note taking and just being present."
- George Moshous

"I love how much we learn about ourselves and the additional knowledge and tools we receive to serve our clients and our businesses. Matt Lavars puts everything so simply for myself and many others, so clear and thorough and made sure all of us were clear before moving on. Matt is absolutely supportive and so amazingly genuine and caring :)"
- Rania Interdonato

"Fun-filled and challenging with profound impact for both me as an individual and to take into the coaching arena with my clients. Thank you. The content is evolving so you are already on top of this! It met my needs where I am, just now! Matt's ability and willingness to go where the students needed him to go was a key to a more profound level of learning, I feel. We were able to witness the content in action."
- Wendy Corner 

"This training helped me to begin my journey towards emotional intimacy. I loved the energy and support within the room. I felt safe to explore whatever came up for me and I just love digging deeper in discovering the power of the mind. Thank you Matt for creating another safe space to grow and connect with ourselves and others. Your knowledge and wisdom is incredible!"

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Lauren JohnstonPast Attendee

"This training encouraged me to go internal and sit with my feelings and emotions which has allowed me to see the ways in which I have avoided almost everything for a very long time. This has held me back because I have thought my feelings and not actually felt them denying me the beauty to heal and acknowledge my potential and my power. The lid is off and the walls are down, look out world I'm free. Matt is brilliant and knows how and what to deliver. So much growth over the space of the week that was facilitated by Matt's personality, skills and knowledge. Love The Coaching Institute and the ninja team for the week were amazing and very inclusive. Matt is awesome and I have much undying love and respect for him and his energy. He presents the material with love and ensures that he attends to everyone, in whatever manner necessary and does it with love and compassion."
- Darren Devlin 

"I extremely enjoyed the sessions very in depth and insightful. I love how the training help bring full curiosity and willingness to play 100% and want to create change in areas of your life."
- Shaun Borg 

"Meta Dynamics™ in an insight into language, presuppositions, feelings and frameworks for how the human mind works. Fascinating and incredibly useful in all aspects of life. I loved the simplicity of the models and techniques."
- Sue McGrath 

"It was challenging and at times full on, extremely useful and fun at the same time. Loved it!"

"Attending my course with The Coaching Institute from South Africa, I was honoured to have the opportunity to live stream a training that I thought would not be accessible to me unless I flew over to Melbourne. Thank you so much The Coaching Institute!"
- NJeanne van der Merwe