I Make Money Doing What I love as a Life Coach

I went from charging $100, to now running group programs where I'm charging $350 per individual for an hour of group work.

Rashid Mubashir

"These two things are entangled, the more you sort your shit out, the more you can help other people"

Rashid MubashirAccredited Coach & Mentor

I remember thinking: Can I make money as a Life Coach?

I charged, for my first coaching, session $100, I was like, "I'm going up to places!" but I was limiting myself to $100/hr at that point. And then so the more I grew in the personal realm, the higher my rate became because the higher my impact was.

The way I've seen it is the more you've sorted your shit out...The more you can help other people.

I remember thinking, 'Can I make money as a Life Coach?' And I can confidently say, yes you can! I'm doing what I love and being paid for it.

I went from charging $100, to now running group programs where I'm charging $350 per individual for an hour of group work. I'm doing a Breakthrough Group and I've got ten people I'm gonna take in. We're going do four 2hr sessions. So that's 8hrs, so they're paying $2,500 from each individual within the group.

Annually, I was making about $25,000 a year previously...And well I did 6-figures last year and my goal is to hit $300,000 next year and I have a strategic pathway for that.

It's not a matter of, as soon as you start you're making 100k in 12months, for some coaches yes, though the level of commitment and your personal journey will be up to you. It's really where you are in your journey and if you're going to be honest with yourself, you won't really worry about making a 100k, because you know you can make a hundred 100k's if you work on yourself and you are true to yourself. Realise that the first and the best investment will be on yourself.

"I can help business owners create system a level by level and now I'm finding meaning in my work"

Rashid Mubashir
Rashid MubashirAccredited Coach & Mentor

Anyone starting the journey...My advice would be "Just play full out..."

There's floodgates you put up, and you're gonna have to just look at that and decide if you want to open it or not, because if you do open it at the beginning, it's gonna be absolute chaos, but from chaos comes order. Now the less you tap into the chaos, the more you're avoiding order, and the more you're delaying order, whatever your version of order is.

Just focus on you at the beginning.

"Have your own coach and then have your client, it's a journey, though it's a wonderful cycle..."

It's a spiral upwards absolutely, I remember I was rebellious at the beginning and then I was helping people come out of rebellion as soon as I realized I'm rebellious.  I realised I was looking for significance, love connection, certainty...Discovering those little pieces of myself, I was able help other people overcome that too.

It wasn't until 18 months after I started my journey that I realized that I have that spark

The first 18 months I was still looking to feel good, simply put. Not feel that stuff that I'm trying to get rid of, and the moment it sank in that I don't know how to get rid of it, and the moment I accepted that truth, that moment I went, "Okay, I'm gonna let one person in at a time...."really helped me.

Eighteen months by the way, that was the period of me going downwards spiral after joining TCI. The first person I let in was you (Sharon Pearson)  and that was a great bust. I have no idea why I put my hand up in the training that day. I think there must have been an element of trust there. There was a trust element of "you can" and knowing you can handle it.

I think that rebellious part of me, helped me. I was like, f*ck feeling this. I raised my hand and I was like, I'm gonna let this one person in cause I can see that she can help me.

It was my effort to just allow someone in, and then I started letting more people in who can help, combined with the environment at The Coaching Institute I was in. That is a huge factor because I don't think I would be able to allow someone in if TCI didn't create such a beautiful space for me.

"I wouldn't have had the courage to raise my hand if it wasn't for the wonderful space TCI has created.."

Rashid Mubashir
Rashid MubashirAccredited Coach & Mentor

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