Is it luck, fate or clever planning?

My story with TCI began a couple of years ago when I sent them an e-mail from South Africa requesting if I could do the course online and via correspondence

Karen Singery
Karen SingeryCredentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

Unfortunately I couldn't but as fate had a hand in this we received notification that our visa had been granted to emigrate to Australia.

Well, my decision had been made and a couple of months after we had landed in December 2012, I was in contact with TCI pursuing my dream for over 10 years to become a Life Coach. Having been a teacher, a school counsellor and a facilitator of my course Teen Strategies, I chose the road less travelled and decided not to go back to teaching. I had already begun this journey by attending many workshops and being on team. The desire has always been there to go further along this road and voila here I am!

I did my intake weekend in June 2013 with an amazing group of people, coaches and trainers. Being new to Australia I immediately established a “family” and an amazing support system. Still today I am blown away by the care, the feedback and the value that TCI offers. This experience is so new for me. Since joining TCI I have completed 90 hours of coaching. I have had the privilege to coach people in the USA, Guatamala, South Africa, New Zealand, UK and Australia. How amazing is that?

My business was born and I named it Pathways Unlimited, supported by a part of Walt Disney's quote “....and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”. I now have a web page (created by me) and a Facebook page. I contacted a friend in the USA who owns a women’s magazine and shared with him what I was doing. He asked me to write articles for his magazine and guess what? (true to TCI fashion!)

“I said yes and now I am figuring out the how. I have a few paying clients and am working on getting my work out there. I have created two programmes: Confident Teens and Pathways to Discovering you.”

Karen Singery
Karen SingeryCredentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

My plans for the future is to make a difference. I really would like to get my courses out there to help young adults. My vision is to assist them to discover who they are so that they can walk along their chosen path with love, wisdom, confidence and grace. I don't know what my niche is going to be yet. I am testing the waters along this path, making detours, getting stuck at a crossroad, falling into potholes but this path is guiding me to the essence of the niche that I am meant to work with. How exciting is that?

This journey so far has been incredible. I look forward to everyday with its ups and its downs but hey, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am so grateful to have the abundance of living my dream - of doing what I love and loving what I do. I am supported and loved by amazing people from TCI, a beautiful son and my husband who has always encouraged me along this journey.

This path is unlimited and who know what is going to come along next?

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Karen was in contact with The Coaching Institute in 2012 to finally pursuing and fulfill her dream for over 10 years of becoming a life coach. She is now living her dream and transforming the lives of many others around the world.

Karen Singery
Karen SingeryCredentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

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