TCI is the best decision I have ever made

Felicity Alexander joined TCI to up-skill for her corporate role. What she found personally and professionally was so much more than that.

Felicity Alexander
Felicity AlexanderCareer success coach

As a manager for the pharmaceutical company where she’d worked for over a decade, Felicity Alexander knew the value of corporate coaching when she joined The Coaching Institute to up-skill in October 2019.

What she didn’t realise until then was how much it would help not just her team’s growth and development but her vision for her own potential and dreams.

“I felt it was a core requirement for my role as a leader to be a really good coach but hadn’t had that exposure through work itself,” says Felicity.

“Initially when I joined TCI it was about my self management and developing myself but as I’ve gotten more into it I can see the extreme value of knowing that this is the thing I have to run with.

“It’s probably moved a little bit quicker than I had anticipated. I’ve started my own business and have big plans. I’m in this for the long haul at TCI—they will have to wheel me out.”

The thing that has inspires the Sydney mum-of-two—who joined at level II but two days later moved to Pro Coach—most about her new life and connecting more with her skills?

“I guess just that you find your thing, your tribe,” she says.

“And knowing that you just have to be little bit further ahead than your clients to help them. You don’t have to be the most polished presenter or person that has everything sorted out.

“Just a few steps ahead is all you need if you’re coming from the right heart space and energy.

And that’s really beautiful because it makes it a lot more attainable. Such an amazing journey.”

“I've ever been in an environment that is so non-competitive, where everyone is just so happy for everyone to do well regardless of what their path is, personal development and self discovery or to have a business. The support and learning is just incredible—the most amazing culture."

Felicity Alexander
Felicity AlexanderCareer success coach

Why did you join TCI?

“I got some coaching outside of work and it was always around, ‘I need clarity around what my purpose is.’ I’ve done really well at work and I love what I do but I knew there was something missing. My coach recommended TCI as a school and eight months into my journey I would never look back. It’s the best decision I’ve taken.”

Was there one moment you realised TCI was for you or was it gradual?

I knew from the first time Annie Toscher in the Marvels team sent me the information this was definitely for me.

In what ways did TCI live up to or exceed your expectations?

Oh, it 100 thousand per cent exceeded! It’s just the whole community as well— every single person at TCI that I have ever dealt with has been so delightful and seems so genuine and interested in you, and kind of believing in you ahead of time even before you can believe in yourself. There's so much certainty and passion.”

What challenged and surprised you most?

I guess for me it is about not being so camera shy and tapping into using my story. Probably the biggest stretch so far is thinking it’s absolutely not true that I’m a bit beige and boring and don’t really have an interesting story to tell. It’s overcoming that and knowing I have something valuable to offer the world and to find my voice and be authentic. It’s an ongoing journey.

“My coach said, 'Your purpose doesn't just land on your doorstep, there's little breadcrumbs you will pick up along the way', but when I joined TCI It was like it did actually fall in my lap. It felt like I had found the most inspiring and supportive community. I’ve never been in an environment like this, I just love how all the students are celebrating and championing each other.”

Felicity Alexander
Felicity AlexanderCareer success coach
Felicity Alexander and kids

Where are you now with your coaching journey?

I am a career success coach, just launched my business a couple of months ago. I just got certified at the practitioner level and I’m also EDISC certified as well. I’ve been focusing on using my coaching at work and am just transitioning to finding paid clients.

Your biggest milestone?

Finding my purpose and finding something that provides me with an opportunity to serve and and help others grow, to find potential in other people. I love how we get taught whatever presents itself to you, you can handle, be it opportunity or challenge. Everyone at TCI models that for you and that model is how I run my life as well. Definitely my relationship has improved and I’ve gained so much more understanding about myself which in turn has allowed me not to make it about me.

Most successful marketing strategy?

I think definitely Facebook and I’m getting leads through LinkedIn. Now I’m focussing on career coaching it makes sense to play in that space. I have a 12 month content strategy and I’m teaching a class on in a private group once a month.

What are you loving most about your coaching journey?

I think it’s presence and purpose for me. And sort of fully immersing myself in the opportunity that I’ve been given.

What do you know about yourself that you didn’t before TCI?

That self-belief that I can do it. I was a human doing and I’m turning into a human being. When I started it was very much like ‘this will be another thing I can do’ and it’s become about falling in love with myself for the purpose of being able to serve others. What you learn about yourself and the understanding of others is so valuable. I’ve been given the gift that people will share the deepest and most meaningful things in life that sometimes haven’t shared with anyone else. It's life changing.

Advice for other fabulous TCI coaches?

Have a vision for your future self. Think about tha,  then constrain your focus towards that goal so you don’t get too distracted. Make a decision about what market you want to serve and what niche you want to play in, one step at a time rather than trying to do it all at once.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I’ll be working in my own business full time, I will have left my corporate job and I will have a thriving business model that I love, serving people.

Felicity Alexander fully embraces quirkiness, joy and everything that's connected with love—especially her husband Steve and children Leo, 6, and Jade, 4. Her hobbies are hot yoga and Pilates, "and I love to dance too, to proper house music."

Felicity Alexander
Felicity AlexanderCareer success coach