Ten Minutes With … TCI’s make it happen queen Trang Ho

Nearly three years after making a full career U-turn to join The Coaching Institute's marketing team, Trang Ho talks her biggest challenges, best marketing tip and her secret talent involving a popular snack.

Life used to be a numbers game for Trang Ho before she joined TCI’s team as a marketing graduate assistant—the Vietnam-born human whirlwind was an accountant. “I thought that was my path because I’m good with numbers,” she says.

“Then I realised I hated it.”

Working at a Melbourne blinds manufacturing company, Trang was “really working my ass off in accounts and gave them my heart but I started becoming really fast with my job and ran out of things to do,” she says.

“I don’t like to sit around, so I helped them improve their systems, then started branding and creating marketing material and helped them create a website that wasn’t boring.”

Trang had no marketing experience, but fell so in love with her new accidental career that she did a three-month university course that landed her the TCI role.

“I didn’t have a whole heap of experience but TCI is really generous and hires on culture, so I had a chance because I had the right attitude,” says says. “I did a two day trial and it was one of the biggest telecasts that Sharon Pearson ever ran … and I loved it and got the job.”

Trang Ho TCI team

What do you love most about what you do at TCI?

There’s an endless opportunity to learn and grow and very often you don’t get told what you need to do, you get to explore and have autonomy over your work, and be your own driver and be yourself and shine.

Biggest challenge in your role?

I think for me for a fair bit of time there was self doubt because I started from zero and sometimes I question myself a little bit. Then I think challenge can be perceived as positive when you overcome a challenge you grow, so it’s the next step of stretching myself. I need new things and excitement all the time, I want to grow.

Your best marketing tip/strategy?

I think to build personal relationships and think about the future clients that you are attracting as someone you are getting to know as a human and not just people online. Be real and authentic and know that behind the computer there’s still a human being.

Where does your famous drive come from?

The meaning. And also the results. I am excited, I always love more, to hit more than benchmark and be striving for a better result. I show up and fight for it, and if you take it personally it’s you growing together with the result.

Remi Pearson Paul Tran

 Career highlight/milestone?

There was an exponential period of growth for me that I’m really proud of, when we were running our first World Tour in 2019 and were missing half the key people. With everyone out in the world marketing still needed to happen and I found myself really grow during that period. I brought a lot more responsibility and passion to it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see TCI going global and being a movement not just a company, inspiring and empowering more and more people from across the world and I totally see myself as big part of it from the marketing perspective.

Your passions outside work?

Photography is one of my big passions, capturing the moment. I love adventures and being outdoors, going on a hike a couple of hours out of Melbourne. Nature is a very important part ofo my life and I need to be connected with it. I have a lot of plants.

Secret talent?

My 21 recipes for Corn Thins toppings. Recipe book and TV show coming soon.

If you weren’t a marketer you would be …

I wouldn’t be anyone else!

Favourite karaoke song?

Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What do you wish you were better at?


Life motto?

Enjoy the moment, life is too short.

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