World First 24 Hour Live Coaching Virtual Telecast

2020 was a challenging year for many people.

Our mission was to support people in becoming successful coaches and making 2020 their best year yet.

As we explored the ‘new normal’ through the global pandemic The Coaching Institute was able to find a way to help people around the world continue to ‘live their dream’ through our first ever #YourBestYearYet epic 24 hour virtual telecast.

Hayley Latcham

“We have been given more than you could ever possibly need to succeed”. 

Hayley Latcham

How many lives we touched in 24 hours

The telecast was a world first in the coaching world, and our team were able to connect with hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds and reach 5 continents in 24 hours!

Countries we reached included:
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bahrain, Lebanon, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Denmark and Canada.

"2020 gave a lot of people the opportunity to pause and reflect on the type of lifestyle they really want. I’m really glad to be moving into a world that is much more conscious on how it is set up".

"We have people from all different cultures, different religions and different age groups. But the thing that unifies them is that they all want to grow, be their best and challenge the status quo. That’s what brings us together".

"To be able to connect with so many students in their own time zone was an amazing experience. I loved meeting and chatting with people all over the world, finding out about their stories and doing mini live coaching sessions".

- Matt Lavars

Nirroshi Nissanka

“I want to acknowledge TCI for all that they have given to me because it has completely transformed me”

Nirroshi Nissanka