2016 News article clarification

In 2016 an online news outlet wrote a negative piece about The Coaching Institute regarding concerns from 2013 about our Registered Training Organisation status, amongst other concerns

Whilst we offered the journalist the opportunity to speak to dozens of our students and graduates, they elected to speak to just one (full transcript here). We attempted to refute the journalist’s allegations but little of what we provided was used in the final article. We’ve taken this opportunity to say what we believe could have been included in that article.

This is the first time ever our coaches at The Coaching Institute community have a say about life coaching to the disbelievers, the doubters and the naysayers.

Coaches started out with no experience and with little idea about how they can create a life on their terms, yet believed that they can. They are passionate about making a difference and love helping, supporting, championing each other to succeed and they discovered how to break through and attain their full potential to become the best version of themselves.

And they have this despite the “warnings” they would:

  • never succeed as a coach
  • never make a living doing what they love
  • have no one to support and champion them

There is much more about the The Coaching Institute community and about what it is we are truly capable of


The Coaching Institute Recognition, Accreditation & Regulation

#1 RTO Status

The Coaching Institute is Australia’s #1 life coaching school.

The Coaching Institute is and has continuously been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 21564) for the last 16 years, offering Australia’s most comprehensive range of life coaching courses.

As well as being approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), we are also a recognised school with the International Coach Guild (ICG).

Our courses meet the highest international and national standards around coaching.

The ICG establishes the coaching Code of Ethics and holds its members responsible to meet the Code and professional standards, ensuring they understand, advocate and apply the Code of Ethics in their coaching business and situations.

Link to current RTO status

#2 ABNLP Recognition

We are not affiliated with the ABNLP and haven’t been since 2013. The ABNLP is a volunteer body that can only provided ‘recognition’, not ‘accreditation’. As an RTO, The Coaching Institute provides accredited courses for our members. We don’t deliver NLP live events. We focus on delivering research-based coaching methodologies and teach some NLP-based techniques when suitable.

In 2013 a clerical mistake was made by a former team member of The Coaching Institute regarding NLP certification. This person took full responsibility for this error and apologised personally to the ABNLP for her actions.

The matter was investigated by ASQA (the only government body able to do so) and found without merit. No damage or loss was incurred by the ABNLP as the application lodged by the ex-employee was rejected, the ex-employee immediately realised the mistake and apologised, and the ABNLP certification never took effect.

That said, The Coaching Institute has apologised for the registration mistake in 2013.

You can click here to view our RTO status.

#3 Quality of Courses at The Coaching Institute

The best way to deal with a criticism is proof of it being unfounded. To do this, we will let our students’ results and what we’re contributing be our answer.

We have trained three founders of coaching schools in Australia. They now run their coaching schools based on what we teach.

We have a 96% ‘satisfaction and delight’ rating based on annual student surveys.

We have thousands of success stories.

We currently have 1,500 students we’re working with to help them with their personal development, career, and professional goals. You are welcome to speak with a student so you can hear about their experience with us or simply contact us via our online contact form for any concern you may want to clarify.

We have the highest course completion rate in the industry. And many of our students extend their membership beyond graduation so they can remain in our community, benefit from the constantly evolving trainings and contribute what they’re learning.

Our entire curriculum is evidence-based.

#4 ASQA Review (2013)

The Coaching Institute has continuously been a RTO since December 2004 and has since trained more than 6,000 students.

The ASQA audit in 2013 was based on the allegations of 3 former students. Nevertheless, we took their complaints seriously and acted accordingly to resolve their issues.

After a comprehensive review process, ASQA found The Coaching Institute ‘to be compliant with the relevant standards’, in accordance with sections 36(2) of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. Under the powers of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act, residual matters identified by ASQA were directed to the Tribunal, which were also dismissed.

#5 ICG status and recognition

Recognised by the International Coach Guild (ICG)

The ICG revised and redirected the new 15 Coaching Competencies designed to serve as a grade and roadmap to the best standards available in coaching and practice.

ICG also created the first every system to benchmark business and marketing education for coaches with the unique Business Mentorship Provider point system.

Because we offer our students a range of developmental pathways and certification courses like no other life coaching body in Australia, the ICG supports the success of our students and the advancement of life coaching, one of the fastest growing professions in the world.

ICG standard and recognition distinguishes TCI as the leading coaching provider in Australia.

Find out more about how ICG was born by clicking here.

The Coaching Institute Course Code of Conduct

#6 Sexually-explicit content

The Coaching Institute has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct.

We have conducted several courses designed to help people who may need to resolve and overcome emotional or psychological hurdles in regard to sex.

They are very empathetic courses. They are designed to remove inhibitions and misunderstandings so that people can enjoy a normal, healthy, sexual relationship.

The allegations made by former students in relation to sexually explicit content were previously investigated by ASQA in 2012, and found to be without merit.

In our terms and conditions, students are now asked to agree to this term: "I understand that there may be sexually explicit content and strong language may be used throughout the training. I understand that some discussions may be confronting and that I will participate only to the extent I feel comfortable”.

Our trainers sometimes receive questions about sex, sexual dysfunction and sexual abuse. We protect our trainers from any participant mistakenly interpreting comments regarding these areas as being inappropriate or ‘sexualised’ in any way.

Our trainers do not discuss the subject of sex per se.

Rather, they review how to work with a client who shares with them an experience of a sexual related issue (such as sexual dysfunction) and how best to respond to this experience – i.e. make them feel safe and then refer them to an appropriate professional or specialist. In addition to our terms and conditions, and as an added precaution, we:

  • Record all of our training to protect the trainer from allegations of anything inappropriate;
  • Ask students to sign a release so that they are made fully aware in advance of the subject matter being discussed and have time to consider and reflect on whether they feel comfortable in dealing with this area of training;
  • Encourage and support students to desist from training if they find any of the material troubling.

#7 Coach and Connect

At The Coaching Institute, we are always looking for ways to create an environment of opportunity for growth, connection and success for our students.

We live by The Coaching Institute’s values, strive for excellence and be the outstanding role model for the people around us. We are always looking for opportunities to spread our passion, joy and kindness with people, because they matter.

The Coaching Institute created Coach and Connect as an opportunity for students and the community to come together to network, experience great value and new learnings from guest speakers who present on a topic each month on coaching, business or professional development topics.

It is an extension of value in the form of coaching event platform from The Coaching Institute, so that coaching students and community can feel connected.

That said, the Coach and Connect does not form a part of the core coaching courses (both nationally & internationally accredited) that are currently offered by The Coaching Institute.

#8 Credit card fraud

The Coaching Institute experienced one isolated case of credit card fraud involving a former employee, Jordan Dallwitz, a couple of years back.

The matter was referred to the Victorian Police. The Coaching Institute followed the recommendations and instructions made by the Victoria Police and attempted to make contact with every student who came in contact with the former employee.

#9 The Coaching Institute upsell policies & practices

The Coaching Institute has the highest course completion rate in our sector.

Because of this very reason, and the fact that our students and graduates genuinely love their journey with us, we are mainly a referral-based coaching school. We also offer choice. We provide a range of developmental pathways and certification courses to choose from.

No other life coaching body in Australia invests in their students, trainers and facilitators as much as we do in terms of standards, content, courses, competencies, mentoring and assessment.

We have never received a complaint in writing about the style or delivery of our courses, our approach to marketing or the conduct of our staff in 16 years of training, aside from the 3 complaints made to ASQA. These were fully investigated and were subsequently found to be without merit.

We also provide ongoing support to our students throughout their courses. There are periodic calls placed to our students, Q&A sessions, Coach and Connect events around Australia, an extensive online community and classes where support matters are raised and acted upon.

While this support is extensive and ongoing, The Coaching Institute expects that its students are also prepared to take responsibility for their success and seek out support when needed.

Hear from The Coaching Institute students

#10 The Coaching Institute Student Success Story: John Sader

The SBS article about The Coaching Institute quotes a small part from the full-length interview that the SBS team conducted with John Sader.

We believe it’s important to be informed with the full story and grasp his quote within its full and accurate context.

Read the full interview transcript here