Achieving my ambitions as a Life Coach

The biggest change for me is my level of self-belief. I’ll say yes to almost anything and find a way to fulfil over and above what is expected. I truly know that I can do anything I set my mind to and am on the path to doing that.

Steve Newman
Steve NewmanAccredited Professional Coach

"The Coaching Institute has taught me the skills and mindset to coach with ease"

So my world changed for the better at FOCS weekend in January of 2014.

Before I decided to make the leap into coaching I was biting my time in my trade in Fire Protection of all things!

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do out of school and my parents have impressed upon me the security of getting a trade so I always had something to fall back on.

And fall back on it I did!

I travelled around Europe, South Africa, Egypt and Canada on the money I earned from my trade and lived in London for 3.5 years using those skills to do all this.

I left Fire Protection and worked in a number of different fields, mostly in sales, trying to find something that floated my boat and enabled me to do something meaningful.

I had always been very ambitious and enthusiastic about personal development and being the best version of myself but struggled, for many years, to work out exactly what I wanted to commit myself to.

It wasn’t until I was reading a Donald Trump book (of all books and authors!!) that I started to seriously consider Life Coaching as an option.

I noted that even a guy as focused on commercial success as him still suggested that the best course of action was to find something that you would do for free and find a way to get paid for it.

The stigma around Life Coaching has always held me back even though I was passionately interested in learning more about myself and how I can improve as a human being.

“The more I looked into it the more interested and excited I got and then when I had a good chat with The Coaching Institute I realised that there was a massive amount of substance to this path and it completely resonated with me . . .”

Steve Newman
Steve NewmanAccredited Professional Coach

Fast-forward to over 3 years down the track and the biggest change for me is my level of self-belief.

I’ll say yes to almost anything and find a way to fulfill over and above what is expected.

I truly know that I can do anything I set my mind to and am on the path to doing that.

I am the creator of The Fitness Mindset online course and community that will soon be the #1 Mindset Training course in gyms throughout the country!

I am running a growth program in the networking group I am a member of and have received fantastic feedback from the members.

I will also be combining my previous experience in sales with the skills and strategies I’ve learnt from The Coaching Institute to conduct some sales training for an electrical company and will look and running more of these for similar companies.

Along with those avenues I also assist a group of budding property investors with their mindset so they can apply themselves to learn what they need to know and then have the confidence to seize a deal when it arrives.

I am yet to become the millionaire I am committed to becoming but I could not possibly be more ‘into’ the mission I’m on and more committed to creating the value required to earn the ‘big bucks’!

I now regularly work 10 – 14 hour days and they seem to be easier and go quicker than 8 hours day I used to in a job I wasn’t interested in!

I run workshops and webinars within the above programs and do it with ease because of the skills and mindset The Coaching Institute has taught me.

They make it easy because they set such a high standard in their business practices that all you have to do is copy them and you end up on top of the heap!

I am on my way to bringing self-development to the masses via health and fitness so that people can increase their self-awareness and therefore work out how to get more out of their lives.

People will read the manual to work out how to use their Apple TV but won’t read a book on how to run their own brain and emotions!!

"Myself and the rest of the The Coaching Institute students will bring this awareness to them so they can stop just existing and waiting for the weekend and learn who they really are and do what they were put on this earth do as a result of this awareness!

No small task but I’m not here to fuck spiders!!!”

Steve Newman
Steve NewmanAccredited Professional Coach

I would attribute most of my success to taking on The Coaching Institute’s suggestion of saying yes and THEN working out how.

Couple that with a whole lot of persistence and determination that comes from knowing that this is what I want to do and how I can make a real difference in the world we live in.

If I could talk to myself back then I would say get more organised and simply work my way through the program that The Coaching Institute provides, it’s all there!

That and don’t jump off that balcony because you’re going to miss the pool, and break your leg, a little unrelated but would’ve been good to know!!

Thanks The Coaching Institute, can’t wait for our next 3.5 years!!!


Steve left his trade business and started a life coaching career focusing on fitness mindset. He followed the systems that The Coaching Institute has provided and he has been achieving his goals, making his ambitions come true.

Steve Newman
Steve NewmanAccredited Professional Coach