Breakthrough To Coaching Success New Zealand

"Wow Factor! It's an eye opener weekend for me. Made me understand and appreciate why others the way they are... Also I'm satisfied to know I'm so closed to my destiny after this course. Highly recommend to all. Willing to take the course further." - Cess 

Auckland by night
Auckland, New Zealand - June 2018Event Testimonials

"Life Changing..." - Joy Elliott

"Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant presentation and content. Just what I needed to hear on my current journey. Thanks so much. I brought 4 books and loving what I'm learning. Will definitely be doing some study with the institute soon."
- Angel 

"Coached the uncoachable! I have been a coach for a few years now and very successful at what I do, with saying this when it came to me being coached in return I always had blocks in the way. I know know and understand the "blocks", and have moved through. Got more out of this two day event than my 3 years of study for myself that is. Would recommend to all!!!!"
- G.F 

"I have finally found my calling! I went along to this weekend to see if this I something I wanted to pursue as a career. I constantly had a lost feeling like everyday I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing. I knew there must be more to life than so I stared to explore the overwhelming feeling that I had of wanting to help people be the happiest that they could be. I found it in this weekend and I am so happy and excited to get started on my new journey. Thank you Matt and team, finally the nagging inner voice appears to be at peace."
- Fee 

"Exceeding expectations! This course was outstanding!! What an opportunity to meet like-minded people - I made some amazing friends!! Matt was a polished, concise yet very human and approachable facilitator. The TCI crew were all open, authentic and willing to share their stories. The venue was great and surprisingly for a free workshop provided morning and afternoon tea.
Would highly recommend and have in fact signed up for one of their courses."

Auckland by night
Nat FoxPast Attendee

"Fantastic Personal Growth Opportunity! This event exceeded my expectations, the delivery of material was phenomenal. Being in a room of like minded individuals was inspiring. Matt and the team of Ninja's made certain every need was met and made certain to market T.C.I in every way possible - (outstanding job on the marketing by the way, it was weaved seamlessly into each session).
This weekend validated to me that I am 100% on the right path to serve my purpose and I so appreciate the time and effort that went into delivering the workshops - AWESOME job."

- Kylie J 

"Fantastic Event! Amazing and inspiring event, surrounded by like minded people, this is the best event I have ever done
Great tools to start the journey."
- Jan 

"Thank you! Thank you for coming to Auckland to make more accessible to Kiwis.
Although I was a little skeptical of this free event... nothing in life is free right? And I was very aware of the magical marketing that we were all involved in...I still got A LOT out of the weekend and I was very happy I felt the fear and did it anyway, including travelling to get there.
I found it very positive, Matt was very entertaining, always a good sign when the days go quickly! Loved that their was no PowerPoint!
Matt you were also very genuine and inspiring."
- Kath 

"Two day foundation conference! This was a great event put together by a very professional team. Matt Lavars is a fantastic public speaker with a good sense of humor. Well done."
- Eve Charles 

"Life changing! I loved the way Matt and his team presented this weekends seminar. They were all very loving, kind, compassionate and professional. Apart from making the decision to join this beautiful family, all the information was helpful and insightful. I made life friends with more to come. Also glad to note my manifestation powers were well and truly on par. I earned my special "damn awesome" badge and will wear with pride. Thanks for the great weekend and I look forward to any more. I personally have found my tribe and found Joy back. Many thanks and love!"
- Joy Elliott  

"As I have been journeying, bare winter turns into spring! Sincere steps to self journey and development are steps in the direction of transforming the world for the better. Each individual who tries to discover their true worth as opposed to their market value introduces a little more light into a greedy over-materialistic culture. To get someone to facilitate this is awesome."
- Mary-Lynne 

"We need more life Coaches in New Zealand and Australia or anywhere in World now than at any time! In a society where live in relationship is a norm rather than an exception and institution of marriage due to lack of commitment to oneself and others is a big ask, I am striving to achieve excellence to coach vulnerable younger generations who experience mixed emotions due to separation between parents and taking family responsibilities on very young shoulders at an age when they should be looked after by others.
I am sure the two days under the care and guidance, I have learnt a lot from Matt to pass it on to my girls for use of both in family and at work."
- Virendra Gupta  

"The Most Inspiring Event I Have Ever Attended! I have come away from the weekend inspired and ready for ACTION. It was heart warming to be in a room surrounded by like minded beings and AMAZING Coaches. I am on a mission to become financially able to join this course and learn to share my gifts of helping people unwind negative emotions so they can be the best versions of themselves and live amazing lives. Tools and recipes rule!! Love what you are doing, you are an inspiration and true testament to your beliefs. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with New Zealand!"

Auckland by night
KatePast Attendee