How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

It's something we all wonder about in life.
Matt Lavars dives into the two major categories to finding everyone's purpose.

How do you discover your life's purpose?

It’s a question that at some point of our lives, we all ask ourselves.
Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? What's my purpose?

There are two major categories to everyone's purpose.

You are your purpose

Getting your life together is your major purpose. Learning to love yourself, learning to get to know yourself, learning to connect with all that we are is the number one purpose that we all have.

In school how much time was spent learning about yourself? About how you think? About your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your fears and desires? The answer is probably not much at all.

We did learn about other important things such as Math, English, building things, making things which may have led you to find some sort of purpose.

Although the number one purpose we all have is to get to know ourselves, to understand who we are.

As a result of getting to know ourselves. There are three major areas that we can focus on that set a wonderful foundation of what we would define as a healthy and functional life.

  1. Relationships

    It's so important to focus on the relationship that we have with ourselves as the relationship we have with others will always be completely limited by the relationship that we have with ourselves.
    If you learn to love yourself more, you open yourself up to loving and accepting others at a deeper level.

  2. Health

    Our health reflects the relationship we have with ourselves. If we value ourselves, then we will value our health, our energy, what we put into our mouths. We will value what we put into our minds and our ears. This will determine the energy that we have.

  3. Finance

    Money gives you choice. The more money you have, the more choice you have. But why is that important?
    Living a great life is about expressing yourself and living your values.
    If you have money, then you have choice. You have more freedom to be you and to express yourself. So, to be able to generate an income doing what you love is something that's really important.

Matt Lavars at a TCI life coaching training

Service of Others

There's something about humanity. We're just wired to contribute. We're wired to make a difference. It makes us feel wonderful when life isn’t just about us, when it's about others.

Living our life in a way where we know we're not just doing it for us. We're present and we're taking actions because we genuinely want to serve. We want to help others and that gives our life purpose.

For example, I've found my purpose through coaching. Through connecting with others through video, zoom, one-on-one and with groups. And it's a wonderful thing to do.

If you like making a difference, coaching is a wonderful tool to be able to do that.


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