How to see the gift in challenge and what it will mean for your life

We face obstacles every day. How we view and handle them can have a huge impact on the life we build. Here's how to see the gift in challenge.

Here's how to see the gift in challenge and help you build a more meaningful, successful life.

We face challenges every day. Life is going to be plain sailing one minute, then it’s going to hit us like a tropical tornado the next. It’s unavoidable. We face challenges in our lives, businesses, families, as leaders every day.

Truth is, the pathway to success is never a straight line.

It’s like a kid has grabbed a texta and scribbled madly over a whiteboard. It’s tangled, it’s unpredictable, it’s wonderful.

That is how success is, we are going to face challenges on the pathway to our dreams.

Now, if our dreams are up here and we are down here, there’s going to be obstacles on the way and we have to solve each and every one on the pathway to achieving what we want.

When an obstacle happens, we solve that challenge and it’s like a rung on a ladder. We go up the rung, then another challenge lies ahead. Another step. As we solve the challenges, we learn the skills, the habits we need to propel us forward in life. And we keep overcoming these obstacles on the way to our dreams.

The price of success is the setbacks we have to face and overcome, and it’s our willingness to do that that shapes who we are.

If we can’t face these challenges, we’re not worthy of the success.

You might have heard about lottery winners who win 30 million dollars, but in three years they are broke. It’s because they haven’t earnt the right to be the person who has all that money.

They haven’t learned the skills of a person that has that money.

They haven’t learned the habits of a person that has that money and they haven’t become the person they needed to be to have the responsibility that amount of money deserves.

If we are are down here in the weeds and our dreams are up here, we are not person yet. The gift in the challenges is they create the person from where we are to where we need to be to achieve the dreams we desire.

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Daniel Burgess is a Pro Coach mentor at The Coaching Institute, and a speaker and coach. Working one-on-one, he has helped hundreds of people develop self-belief and overcome their biggest challenges. He has coached thousands of people to rewrite their stories and chase their dreams.

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